Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Cruz Failed with Conservatives

By Nicholas Stix

The term has lost all meaning, and is too often a euphemism for “Republican.”

At Countenance.


countenance said...


Along those lines, I have another article about this sort of thing. It's rather long, and I want to deep dive into it, so I'll have to hold it back until the weekend. Just giving you a preview of coming attractions, as you are my biggest fan.

Nicholas said...

I look forward to it with bated (sp.?) breath. BTW, a few months ago, I spent at least two hours unsuccessfully searching for a brilliant essay (possibly 800-1,100 words) of yours that I thought you'd written last November (maybe that's just when I'd read it), persuasively arguing that mere constitutionalism is no longer adequate to white Americans' political situation. You couldn't remember it, either.

May I re-publish your coming article?

countenance said...