Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ghetto Lottery Win in Muskegon, Michigan

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“The ‘Flying While Black’ Hoax: Black Supremacist Female Interferes with White Stewardess, Gets Herself Thrown Off Plane, and Now Seeks to Extort a Fortune Out of American Airlines.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Negroes hit $1,500,000 black lottery in Muskegon Michigan.

As is the ridiculous trend lately, when black criminals decide to commit crimes or elude police, the results can mean hitting the black lottery. In my area, Dahnontae (really?) McKinley was in Muskegon County Jail in 2012, when he tried to escape twice. After being pepper sprayed, he still couldn’t be subdued. Put in a restraining chair, he was left to cool off. When guards returned, he was unresponsive. An investigation cleared the guards of wrongdoing but the McKinley family, seeing instant riches, sued and were rewarded today with $1.5 million. It probably was a settlement out of court—but why would the city settle? Cases like this make no sense in being settled, especially with the evidence on the side of the jail. Also, where do cities come up with this kind of money, time after time? Allowing this to occur without a fight just encourages other blacks to file frivolous lawsuits—and hit the black lottery at taxpayers’ expense.

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