Thursday, April 28, 2016

While Twitter Censors Pro-White Posters, It has No Problem with Murderous Twit by Laugh-Free, Affirmative Action “Comedian” (Poster)

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Anonymous said...

Well I thought Lester Holt would get through the whole newscast tonight without airing a blatantly black story that I have no interest in at all.But in the end,he couldn't resist,and we were all treated to "Black Cowboy Kids in Philly".Some black guy lets black kids take their minds off gang shootings and crime by riding horses down the graffiti ridden ghetto streets of Philly.
"There's a lot of shootins and murders around here"said one black teen,"I don't think about it when I's ridin' dat horse".
One of the group of black riders was killed recently, (probably shot right off the top of dat goes to show--by trying to forget about the problem,instead of FIXING it,makes the story as pointless as eating a watermelon seed when you're starving.
What they SHOULD be doing stories on,is the perpetual crime that goes on with blacks in Philly and elsewhere--and maybe rewards given to people who turn their lowlife,gang affiliated brothas and sistas into police".
That might be money put to better use,rather than paying millions in black lottery lawsuits.
---GR Anonymous