Monday, April 18, 2016

IRS Chief About Illegals Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns via Identity Theft: “Thass Not My Yob, Man!”


IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

By Nicholas Stix

A very few of you may recall a hilarious but short-lived sitcom named Calucci’s Department. It ran at 8 p.m. on Saturday nights, and was about a New York State Unemployment office in New York City full of goldbricks, managed by harried James Coco. The most notorious malingerer was the Puerto Rican character, Gonzalez (Jose Perez), whose signature line became nationally famous, which is no mean feat for a show hardly anyone watched. Anytime the supervisor asked him to do something, Gonzalez gave the same answer: “Thass not my yob, man.”

Calucci’s Department appeared during an ancient era, in which observational humor was permitted.

Calucci’s Department died after a mere 11 episodes because it was on a suicide mission, up against NBC’s Sanford & Son, which for many years was either the #2 (and occasionally #1-rated) show on TV. The #1 (and occasionally #2-rated) show all those years was CBS’ All in the Family. Sanford & Son and All in the Familywere both created by Norman Lear.

Current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sounds just like Gonzalez. Every year, millions of illegal aliens engaging in identity theft send in fraudulent tax returns. Koskinene refuses to forward the information to law enforcement, lying that, “Thass not my yob, man.”

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]

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