Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conspiracies a-Brewin’ Among Frats and Sororities at Ohio University

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Anonymous said...

Today,April 14th 2016 as I prepared to send in a check to the IRS and State of Michigan,I saw 2 items of interest on TV.
1)Protests for a $15 minimum wage
2)Protests pushing for free college tuition.
It occurred to me that there must be a little bit of angst as Obama comes to the end of his second term.Angst from people that want as many freebies as they can extract from Obama before the election.Though the odds are more government cash will flow from the probable Clinton win,these protesters would seem to be less confident about the outcome and want to send a message--that they want more free stuff and they want it now.Whatever outrageous ideas for increased socialism they have concocted as "their fair share",must be enacted and endorsed before election day.If not,we may not vote for you.So lie to us if you must,though honesty would be preferred, Clinton,Sanders,Trump and Cruz--but make sure you agree publicly with what we command you to give us--or else.
Nevermind that $15:an hour is not even remotely possible at McDonalds and would probably begin the process of replacing people with robots OR the fact that most people at Mickey Ds are worth barely $7 an hour from what I ve seen,the crowds on TV are going for it all.All or nothing.They will wind up with nothing.
Free tuition.So more kids can learn to abstain from a work ethic.Working to achieve something is much more satisfying than having it giftwrapped and dropped in your lap.Why try hard at school?It s not YOUR hard earned money--it s MINE (see first line concerning the IRS).
USA is rapidly becoming the United Sloths of America.Or the United States of Apathy--thanks to a new lazy generation black influenced)that doesn t want to earn their way through life but be paid a ridiculous amount of money to just show up.
--GR Anonymous