Friday, April 29, 2016

Are Black Mothers Deliberately Getting Their Sons Killed by the Police, in Order to Win the “Ghetto Lottery”?

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Buying a Ghetto Lottery Ticket

FIRST. This is starting to feel suspect. Meaning these black mothers are looking to get paid. Even if it means to have their kids killed. A new black whore hustle? We all know they don’t LOVE them. Put a toy gun in their hands, push them out the door, peek thru the curtain and wait. Harsh statement? Don’t put it pass these parasites. You already have them getting pregnant for child support, welfare benefits and housing. Not out of love and wanting to start a family. Just the lowest form of another hustle in the MILLIONS.

[Read the whole thing at Countenance.]

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Anonymous said...

I ve inferred as much on previous comments.Huge settlement in Muskegon lately,Cleveland,Chicago etc.The terms of the agreement with the blacks are interesting.
:No admission of guilt in the civil case AFTER being found "not at fault" in the criminal investigation.I know there's a lower threshold for civil cases,but some city has to show some courage and not cave in to these lawsuits.I d like to know just how many of these are pending around the country and how many never go to trial.The political fear is overwhelming the judgement of the cities being sued for "wrongful death".How many 6 million dollar payoffs can Muskegon pay and stay financially solvent?
For some reason I thought of the old M*A*S*H episode(you remember this one Nicholas) where "Whiplash Hwang" kept jumping in front of army vehicles for a quick and uncontested payday.Same MO,but a lot more money being paid in these black lotteries.
--GR Anonymous