Sunday, April 10, 2016

“Conservative” Cruzbots Have Even Turned on Phyllis Schlafly

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By Question Diversity
April 9, 2016
American Renaissance

To provide yet another piece of evidence that modern day lamestream conservatism is turning into a cult:

St. Louis area Cruzbots have turned on and are in fact heaping vituperative at Phyllis Schlafly, because she endorsed Trump.

Nobody but nobody doesn't associate Phyllis Schlafly with conservatism. And, Ted Cruz is supposed to be today's political archetype of the trew conservative.

Though I now think that one of the things that the Trump campaign is unwittingly doing is separating the men and women from the boys and girls, in that it's exposing who was only ever in the conservative game because they really wanted populism and nationalism, and (mistakenly) thought that conservatism was a satisfactory political synonym for populism and nationalism (e.g. Schlafly), and those who adopted conservatism as sort of a pure ideological exercise.

DonReynolds to Question Diversity • 21 hours ago

What Trump has done is smoked out the false conservatives at FoxNews, the RINO Republipuks, the "conservatives" like the National Review and Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, the "conservatives" of the Chamber of Commerce and the corporate lobbyists, the "conservatives" who are determined to flood this country with foreign colonists ... whether they are from Mexico or Muslims from the Middle East, legally or illegally... makes no difference to them either way.

These are not conservatives.

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Anonymous said...

OH, the world is coming to an end. Even Phyllis endorsed Donald. Phyllis is a bad person.