Monday, April 11, 2016

The Statue of … Evil? (Poster)



Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Here is a story of a white teacher smacking a black student in class, it was recorded by student and went viral very quickly, the teacher is being thrown to the wolves by the school administration (shocker). According to a student at the school Ms. Hastings was a good teacher but kids had been cursing her out and throwing things regularly, then concludes that both she and the kids just had a "bad day".
She may be charged with assault because of disrespectful and racist black kids. As for the bad day comment, it's clearly a predominantly black school and I'll bet that most of those black kids are going to go on to bad lives and you can trace it right back to a lack of personal accountability which is being encouraged by a cowardly administration and greedy parents who are going to sue the pants off the school.

Anonymous said...

White teachers will just never learn.