Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pollaganda vs. Common Sense: Trump’s “Unelectability”

By Nicholas Stix

I responded that any poll, in which #GOP candidates' electability is in inverted relation to their popularity among all voters is prima facie garbage.

Beyond my response to Washington Post operative Jenna Johnson, according to the poll, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who still has fewer delegates (143) than the departed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (171 or 172, depending on the source), as opposed to Trump (743) and Cruz (545), has the best chance of being elected president of any Republican candidate. A candidate who has no support within his own party has the most support nationally? If the implausibility of that scenario doesn’t leap out and smack you in the face, try saying it out loud. If you still believe that statement after saying it, you either suffer from a neurological impairment, or are in need of a character transplant.

The “Trump is unelectable” polls are rigged pollaganda, whose goal is to make Trump voters believe “resistance is futile,” and to thus convince them to either stay home on Election Day, not vote for president, or support Ted Cruz. In any of the three aforementioned scenarios, Hillary Clinton wins.

I’ve never seen an election campaign, in which so many polls were so dubious on their face. Now there are three new polls asserting that Ted Cruz’ popularity is collapsing. Though as a Trump supporter, I hope they’re right, I don’t believe them, either.

I agree with Pat Buchanan that “Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton like a drum in November”—that is, as long as the RNC (i.e., Reince Priebus), and the powers of Donorstan, Consultantstan, and the MSM (Left and Right) fail in their campaign to sabotage Trump’s candidacy, and to win the election for Hillary Clinton.

[Of related interest, by this author: “Curtain of Lies: How the Treason Lobby Seeks to Lie the American People into Oblivion.”]


Anonymous said...

The matchups I always wondered about---who would win between Martin O'Malley and Trump or Governor Pataki and Clinton.Obviously it d be O'Malley and between O'Malley and Pataki the winner would be:none of the above.Actually,with the disapproval ratings of Clinton,Trump and Cruz,that might be the answer now as well.
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

At the same time Rubio was bombing in his home state GOP primary, the cucks were claiming "polls show Marco Rubio would beat Hillary Clinton."