Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is Chris Christie Trump’s Man for VP?

By Nicholas Stix

Trump is giving a press conference in New York City, celebrating his sweep in five primaries. He is flanked by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and PA Cong. Lou Barletta, and has referred favorably to Christie at least twice, “Chris can tell you that.”

Does this mean that he’s going to select Christie as his running mate? If he isn’t Trump is engaging in a big-time tease.

I’m not crazy about Christie, due to his arrogance, his open-borders politics, and his being from the next-door state. I’d much prefer someone like Sen. Jeff Sessions, a humble, immigration reform Southerner.

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Anonymous said...

Christy would be a better Atty General.Trump should pick Bernie Sanders as VP to beat Clinton.Lol.Speaking of Sanders,looks like his "movement" is about done--but only if he takes a generous amount of Miralax.
---GR Anonymous