Saturday, April 02, 2016

Rap Induces Fourth Trimester Abortions: Really Tough Music Critic Shoots Aspiring D.C. Rapper Dead During Music Video Shoot; Another Dead Aspiring Rapper was a Drug Dealer Whose Mother Said He was “‘Well-Loved’ and a “‘Generous Christian Man with a Big Heart,’ Who Had been Actively Engaged in His Church”

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

The critic said the murder weapon was just a prop, and was all a big misunderstanding, along with the other outstanding warrants for his arrest as a music critic.

At WJLA; and

“Man Arrested in Murder of Aspiring D.C. Rapper During Music Video Filming” (Video).

This case has been “disappeared” by the media.

Rap induces fourth trimester abortions.

“Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Aspiring Rapper’s Murder”;

“Aspiring Cleveland Rapper Charged with Murder in Downtown Strip Club Shooting”;

“Brooklyn drug kingpin and aspiring rapper convicted of three murders”; and

“Aspiring Rapper Gunned Down in Temecula Apartment.”

Drug dealer Justin Triplett “was an aspiring rapper who went by the stage name Yung Trip the Pretty. According to his mother, he was ‘well-loved’ and a ‘generous Christian man with a big heart’ who had been actively engaged in his church and was ‘reaching out to others’ to encourage them to share in his faith.”


Anonymous said...

Best news of the morning...another worthless black dead.The mother,as all black mothers who are asked about their fatally shot sons,gave the usual hallucinatory response.All I can say is these black churches should be investigated en masse like the Mosques in this country.Lots of our finest gang members seem to come from them.
---Gr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You know it's a tough crowd when they pull out a gun and cap your ass. And here I thought booing and throwing rotten vegetables was the height of barbarity.

Speaking of barbarians, the ones the Romans had so much trouble with were apparently fairly smart guys capable of successfully running remnants of the Roman Empire for centuries. They had good, hardworking, quality barbarians, we get stuck with the dregs.