Monday, April 04, 2016

Pat Buchanan: How the Wall Street Journal Led the GOP and America to Disaster

By Nicholas Stix

This is from last May, but it reads like it’s hot off the presses.

[WSJ:] “[T]he GOP’s Buchanan wing is making a comeback.”

“Now it is true that, while Nixon and Reagan won 49-state landslides and gave the GOP five victories in six presidential contests, the party has fallen upon hard times. Only once since 1988 has a Republican presidential nominee won the popular vote.

“But was this caused by following this writer’s counsel? Or by the GOP listening to the deceptions of its Davos–Doha–WSJ wing?

“In the 1990s, this writer and allies in both parties fought NAFTA, GATT and MFN for China. The WSJ and GOP establishment ran with Bill and Hillary and globalization. And the fruits of their victory?”

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]

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Anonymous said...

I ll never forget Perot and his charts warning of "that giant sucking sound"taking jobs out of America with NAFTA.The man was 100% correct.Clinton sold the US down the Yellow and Rio Grande rivers.Anyone with a memory would put him as one of the worst two presidents of the last 30 years--and they all were miserable imho.
If there was any justice,when Bill Clinton was introduced at a rally,he would get no applause whatsoever.Bush was incompetent,but Clinton knew what he was doing--and that makes it a worse offense.
--GR Anonymous