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Racist Mass Murder in Kansas City, MO: Black Crime Machine Brandon B. Howell, 34, Who was Acquitted of 1998 Double Murder, Now Suspected of Shooting Three Elderly Whites (Two Women) to Death, and Beating a Married Couple So Severely that They are Clinging to Life


War crime victims Darrel Hurst, 63, and his mother Lorene, 88

Suspected war criminal Brandon Hurst may have killed as many as five people, with two more at death's door

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Thanks to my partner-in-crime David in TN, who writes,

The suspect has "an extensive criminal history," as the saying goes. As you have pointed out with similar characters, he looks proud of himself in mug shots.

Reporter Lee refers to the Taylors’ Jaguar as, “The car that began the shootings yesterday.”

Note that the Taylors were beaten nearly to death by an unarmed black man. Somehow, I don't think the national MSM will now obsessively say, "Unarmed black man Brandon Hurst allegedly beat George and Ann Taylor almost to death."

Man Acquitted of Murder Faces Questions in Kansas City Killings
Posted: Sep 03, 2014 12:31 P.M. EST; Updated: Sep 03, 2014 3:35 P.M. EST
By DeAnn Smith, Digital Content Manager - email
By Chris Oberholtz, Multimedia Producer - email

A man previously accused in a double murder faces three counts of first-degree murder in connection with a deadly south Kansas City crime spree that left three dead and two injured.
• 3 fatally shot in south Kansas City

Kansas City police say three adults have been shot to death and two others critically wounded in the southern part of the city.More >
• Three killed in south Kansas City slaying identified

A mother and her devoted son who was visiting her were among the victims in Tuesday's triple fatal shooting in south Kansas City.

Family members have identified two people killed as Alice Lorene Hurst, 88, and her son, Darrel Hurst, 63. Susan Choucran, 69, was also killed. George and Ann Taylor, a married older couple, are fighting for their lives after they were severely beaten.

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Brandon B. Howell, 34, also faces two counts of first-degree assault and other charges. Charges are expected to come in Platte County after three guests at a Motel 6 were assaulted.

Howell, a convicted felon, used a shotgun he purchased more than five years ago.

Howell was arrested late Tuesday walking along Interstate 29 after a massive manhunt.

Howell is suspected of assaulting three Motel 6 guests after ditching an SUV stolen from the scene where three residents were fatally shot and two others were critically injured after they were nearly beaten to death.

The suspect has an extensive criminal record including first-degree murder, kidnapping, robbery, assault and animal abuse charges in both Kansas and Missouri. He beheaded a cat during a home invasion robbery in Johnson County. However, he has not been convicted of all of those accused crimes. He had numerous disciplinary infractions including fighting while serving prison time in Kansas.

On March 9, 2009, a Jackson County jury found Howell not guilty of those first-degree murder charges.

When he was 25 years old, Howell was charged with two counts of first-degree murder stemming from the deaths of Nicholas Travis, 19, of Lenexa, KS, and Tabitha Brewer, 16, of Shawnee, KS. The couple were last seen with Howell leaving her home on April 27, 1998.

Travis' body was found in the backyard of a Kansas City, MO, duplex on Aug. 12, 1998. Howell's father owned the duplex and Howell and Travis had both worked there, according to a detective's probable cause statement. Brewer's body has never been found.

Three witnesses told authorities that Howell had confessed to killing the couple or had discussed a plan to kill them, according to the statement. The motive may have been a $40,000 settlement that Brewer had received after a car accident, although she was unable to access the money because it was in a trust fund, the statement said.

Then Jackson County Prosecutor Michael Sanders said the charges were made possible by "good, old-fashioned police work," rather than DNA matching.

Howell was incarcerated at the time at the Lansing Correctional Facility on robbery and assault charges. He was later acquitted by a Jackson County jury.

The shooting spree in south Kansas City began about 1 p.m. Tuesday in a neighborhood on Woodbridge Lane just east of Wornall Road near the Blue Hills Country Club.

The suspect was attempting to steal a Jaguar from the Hurst residence but was having difficulty fleeing in it. One of the victims was shot after confronting the suspect.

The five were found either inside or outside three separate residences. Responding officers and residents were warned the suspect was armed with a shotgun.

The three shooting victims died at the scene. Two other victims were taken to area hospitals with life-threatening injuries. The three dead included one man and two women, police said.

Lorene Hurst was killed along with her son, Darrel, who was making one of his frequent visits to his mother when the tragic events unfolded. Also killed was Susan Choucroun, 69.

Howell was arrested shortly before midnight Tuesday as he walked along Interstate 29 near 72nd Street in the Northland. He was armed with a gun at the time of his arrest, police said.

His arrest occurred about two miles from a Motel 6, 8230 NW Prairie View Rd., where three people had been assaulted about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday. No weapon was used, police said, and the victims were not seriously injured.

[The last sentence is obviously wrong; the Taylors are clinging to life.]

Investigators later linked Howell to the deadly shooting spree in south Kansas City.

An SUV taken from the homicide scene was found within four blocks of the motel where the assaults occurred, police said.

When officers arrived, they located Howell in dark clothing. He was later identified as the suspect from the earlier assaults at a nearby motel.


Anonymous said...

The body of the 16 year old girl was never found. She had the money in a trust fund and it could not be touched. I bet the villain did not understand what that meant.

Anonymous said...

The predatory criminal much in the manner of a dangerous beast on the Serengeti goes after those least able to defend themselves. The sick, the lame, the OLD, the weak, etc.

As with here. Looking for marks that are easy targets and cannot defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

This murder apparantly occured last year though I hadn't heard of it, but I just spotted this bit. Yet, another naive liberal who thought the Detroit native would recognize in him the joy and love he has for all humanity and welcome him for it....Jerry from PDX

Use Logic said...

Interesting headline, racist? Is it racist? Or just an insane man trying to steal a car and killing people. It is so interesting that people choose race to blame the disregard people have for human life. Black on black, white on white, black on white, whatever it is. It simply comes down to right or wrong. No one should be able to take someone else's life. Period.

Anonymous said...

Glad they caught him. He may still be out attacking white people if not

Anonymous said...

As usual in these horrors, law enforcement walks on eggshells when making statements. The local prosecutor declared during her press conference:

"This was not a crime spree."

What pray tell was it?

David In Tn

Anonymous said...

To: User Logic

Then why is the Michael Brown shooting getting blanket media attention? Why did Treyvon? Oh, then you say these were examples of a pattern of police violence toward blacks so then it's OK. I predict you won't use those words exactly but will post something saying the same thing, that is if you actually reply (doubtful).

Point is I know how your type thinks. If whites are victimized and racial bias from blacks is a factor then you start pontificating with the Kumbaya We are the World gibberish and try to mitigate the racial aspect of what happened. However, you will be utterly silent with that nonsense in regard to any perceived "white on black" incident (Treyvon and Brown). Jerry PDX

Nicholas said...

You beat me to it, Jerry. I'm sure you're right, that we'll never see this mook lecturing blacks that a white-on-black crime wasn't racially motivated.

Anonymous said...

Brandon is sick person period! This young man went after who he seen as weak ! He went to a school in Jo.,co. Ks. He hung around both white and blacks. Stop pulling the race card you sound like idiots. In school he fought with black kids and whites the same. He has always been ill. Making it in to something it's not . He is sick and needs to be put to death!

Anonymous said...

"Ill?" "Sick?" WRONG. He is a f'king maniac who has no place in polite society. Damn, don't you have parents? How'dja like to watch that black murdering filth beating them bloody. By the way, the man and his mother have died.
Your poor sick pal made 5 human beings disappear from view. Send him to me. Let's see how brave he is around an armed individual.

Anonymous said...

The Taylors have both died. Also an elderly neighbor who witnessed part of the slaughter died of a heart attack last Thursday.

It's time to bring back the noose and rid the world of this scum.

Anonymous said...

Unarmed elderly couple beaten to death by convicted felon with shotgun. Armed with fists can be deadly against children, women, people with health problems and anyone assaulted by a large muscular man. The media provokes people with headlines like unarmed, nice young man and photos of 13 year olds instead of current photos. Don't push for ratings, try to be honest so we can deal with the real problems.

David In TN said...

Nothing new on this one. it went to a grand jury last fall, now has five murder charges. No trial date as far as I can tell.

Nicholas said...

Thank you, David.