Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Media Mystery: KCMO Man Suspected of at Least Seven Murders, but the National Media Have No Interest in the Story

By Nicholas Stix

War crime victims Nicholas Travis, 19, of Lenexa, KS, and Tabitha Brewer, 16, of Shawnee, KS, circa 1998.

War crime victims George, 80, and Ann Taylor, 86

War crime victims Alice Lorene Hurst, 88, far left; her son, Darrel, 63, center; and Susan Choucroun, 69

Suspected war criminal Brandon B. Howell, 34, is believed to have murdered all of the above whites in 1998 and on September 2, 2014, respectively. Look at how proud he is. 

Nicholas Travis, 19, and Tabitha Brewer, 16, were in love. Travis worked for Howell’s father. His girlfriend, Brewer, had come into a $40,000 settlement from a car accident, but couldn’t draw on the money. And yet, as my partner-in-crime David in TN observed, Howell probably didn’t understand that. Then again, killers kill.

The last time the couple was seen alive, on April 27, 1998, they were in the company of Howell.

Travis' body was found in the backyard of a Kansas City, MO, duplex on Aug. 12, 1998. Howell's father owned the duplex and Howell and Travis had both worked there, according to a detective's probable cause statement. Brewer's body has never been found.

Three witnesses told authorities that Howell had confessed to killing the couple or had discussed a plan to kill them, according to the statement. The motive may have been a $40,000 settlement that Brewer had received..." [Man Acquitted of Murder Faces Questions in Kansas City Killings by DeAnn Smith and Chris Oberholtz, KCTV, September 3, 2014.]

Howell beat the murder raps in 2005, but pardon me for being underwhelmed by that fact. (Besides, I’m not an officer of the court.) What are the odds that someone else besides Brandon Howell murdered Nicholas Travis and Tabitha Brewer, buried Travis’ corpse in Howell’s father’s backyard, and disappeared Brewer’s corpse entirely?

Where there’s corpses, there’s stench, and everywhere Brandon Howell goes, he leaves a trail of corpses in his wake. White corpses.

The violent felon spent 11 years imprisoned after a 2000 conviction for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, attempted aggravated robbery and cruelty to animals, the prosecutor said. Ex-con killed 5 in Kansas City rampage after two victims die week later: police by Sasha Goldstein, New York Daily News, September 9, 2014.]
He was in prison before, during, and after beating the rap for the Brewer-Travis murders.

On September 2, a man beat George, 80, and Ann Taylor, 86, to death with his bare hands. The Taylors clung to life on respirators for seven days, before the family took them off, and both succumbed to their wounds on September 9.

After the Taylors were beaten, a man shot Alice Lorene Hurst, 88; her son, Darrel, 63; and Susan Choucroun, 69, to death with a shotgun.

Just before midnight that night, Brandon B. Howell was caught walking with a loaded shotgun on the shoulder of a highway.

Howell has been charged with first-degree murder for all of the murders committed on September 2.

If Howell were white, and his victims black, this story would be worldwide news. But the people he allegedly slaughtered were all white, every man jack of them, and so it’s not news beyond Kansas City.

Howell is also suspected of assaulting three Motel 6 guests on September 2.

In spite of having beaten the rap for the 1998 double murder of Nicholas Travis and Tabitha Brewer, Howell has spent most of his adult life in prison for one violent felony or another.

Howell allegedly robbed the Taylors of their SUV, but most of the crimes had no conventional motive, other than murderous black racism.

In theory, Howell could get the death penalty, if he is convicted for the new murders, but don’t hold your breath.

Keep in mind that Howell may have killed more than seven whites.

On second thought, this is no media mystery at all.


Anonymous said...

The Kansas City media have stopped covering the story. It now goes under the radar screen for a few years before coming to trial. A trial which will receive little coverage.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

The criminal taking advantage of and attacking those least able to fight back.

The mentality is the same as the predatory beast on the Serengeti. Attack the weak, the old, the unwary, the sick, etc.

Unable to fight back, the easy mark.

Howell has a depraved and evil mentality.

Chicago guy said...

The victims in this case are not as important as the Ferguson fatman or the Florida hoodie wearer. We have to keep our priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

Compare this to the Elliot Roger circus. It's not only that the major media are ignoring this case, so are most of the right-winged web sites. Butchered whites are becoming normal and unremarkable, even to the victim group.

Found this on a board that was posted before Howell was acquitted of the first murders. Don't know how accurate it is:

"Details of Disappearance

Brewer visited her father and stepmother at their apartment complex in Shawnee, Kansas on April 27, 1998. Her 19-year-old boyfriend, Nicholas Travis, accompanied her during the late evening hours. A photograph of Travis is posted below this case summary. The couple was last seen departing the residence with a friend, Brandon B. Howell, at approximately 12:00 a.m. They were going to run an errand together. A photograph of Howell is posted below this case summary. He told authorities that he dropped Brewer and Travis off at the Circle K convenience store near 75th Street and Interstate 35. They never returned home.

Authorities initially assumed the couple ran away together, but soon discovered foul play was likely involved in their disappearances. Both Travis and Brewer's charred identification and Brewer's purse, with her jewelry and pictures of her family inside, were discovered in a dumpster on the corner of 55th Street and Paseo Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri approximately three days after they vanished. There were no other signs of Brewer or Travis at the scene.

Travis's body was discovered in August 1998, buried in a shallow grave in the 5400 block of the Paseo in Kansas City, Missouri. His corpse was only found a few hundred feet from the location where the couple's belongings were located more than one year earlier. He was the victim of a homicide; he had several fractures in the back of his skull. There was no sign of Brewer at the scene. She has never been heard from again.

Brewer and Travis had been dating for over a year prior to their disappearances; both lived with Brewer's mother. They had both dropped out of the alternative high school they attended. Brewer's mother stated her daughter had wanted to marry Travis and have his children. Brewer is a good typist and was employed as a secretary at a mortgage company at the time of her disappearance.

Authorities identified Howell as a suspect in Brewer's disappearance and Travis's murder not long into the investigation. Travis's body was found buried in Howell's father's backyard, and inside the home, blood spatters matching Travis's DNA were located. There was a scuff mark like a shoeprint on the underside of the Howell's car trunk lid as well.
Investigators initially lacked the evidence to charge Howell. He was convicted of kidnapping, aggravated assault, attempted aggravated robbery and animal cruelty and has been incarcerated since 1999. The charges stemmed from a home invasion robbery. In 2006, eight years after Travis and Brewer disappeared, Howell was charged with the murders of both of them when witnesses came forward with additional information.

A witness stated that on a night in April 1998, they heard Brewer's voice from inside Howell's father's home, then a man and a woman screaming, and after that the witness saw Howell with blood on his shirt. Howell had also allegedly spoken to several people of a plan to kidnap Brewer and Travis and rob and kill them. Brewer had received a $40,000 car accident settlement shortly before her disappearance, but the money was held in a trust fund and she did not have access to it.

Howell is awaiting trial for the murders. Brewer has never been found, but foul play is suspected in her disappearance due to the circumstances involved."

Anonymous said...

They will make a plea deal in lieu of the death penalty with the villain to recover any remains of Brewer.