Sunday, June 04, 2017

Why Hillary Clinton Lost: Macedonian Assassins? Bad DNC Data? Da White Wimmins? Da Black Wimmins?

By Nicholas Stix

Hillary Clinton lost because she’s a sick old woman who had no energy to campaign in Rust-Belt states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Leftwing media operatives tried to deflect from this reality, by claiming that such notions were “conspiracy theories,” foisted on the public by Russian “fake news” articles. However, they never identified any such articles, because the public’s view of Sick Hillary was based on simply believing their own “lying eyes.” Meanwhile, the MSM also lied, in asserting that when HRC disappeared from the public eye for days at a time, she was cramming for the debates, when she was more likely bed-ridden, and being filled with fluids and meds. She should have been out campaigning at those times, and would have, had she not been in a state of exhaustion.

Anyone who had seen her 2000 U.S. Senate campaign had to be shocked by her lack of energy in 2016. Back in 2000, she tirelessly crisscrossed the State of New York on a “listening tour” that completely outhustled her younger GOP rival, Rick Lazio.

However, that’s not all, folks. If blacks hadn’t been so racist, and had instead treated Mrs. Clinton as if she were a “sister,” she still would have won from her sickbed.

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