Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Video and Stills: Another Racist Hate Crime in New Orleans, but Don’t Tell Segregationist Cong. Cedric Richmond, or He’ll Do to You What His Brothers Did to Two White, Boston-Area Tourists



Another Brutal Beating of Whites by Blacks
By A Texas Reader

Update: The black thugs left one man in critical condition; one suspect has so far been arrested.

(Start video at 1:30.)

New Orleans police on Monday said they are poised to release new images of the people who brutally attacked and robbed two Boston-area tourists in the French Quarter on Saturday night. "In just a little while, everyone is going to see you, and they're going to know what you look like," New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison said, referring to images provided by the nonprofit crime camera network Project NOLA. "It's just a matter of time before we catch you." The commander of the police district that patrols the French Quarter, Nicholas Gernon, said anyone arrested in connection with the case will be booked on counts of second-degree robbery, which carries up to 40 years in prison. Gernon also ...


Anonymous said...

The victims were Unitarians. Very much involved in all of the BLM b.s.
A mayoral debate ( I live in New Orleans) was recently held at a Unitarian church. BLM banners above their altar.When a constituent asked for prayers for Steve Scalise before asking a candidate a question she was loudly booed by those in attendance. I don't believe they deserved what they got but better them than you or me.

Anonymous said...

Areas that rely on tourism generally do not tolerate any sort of monkey business done to the tourists. MONKEY business in this case so appropriate a term, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of idiotic congressmen,Chuck Schumer made a comment about the Trump healthcare plan.
"Even Trump supporters don't like it."
Thanks,but no thanks Chuck.I actually support tougher rules about who CAN get insurance.
#1 Rule is:Don't make working people foot the bill for your lazy constituents.
When I was in my early 20s,I never had health insurance at the 40hr a week job I had at a bowling alley.Not enough employees. No one GAVE me insurance.
Then I got a decent job,at a big place--and health insurance.But it's not supposed to be guaranteed that you get Blue Cross handed to you,on a silver platter.
RULE #2:Unless you're rich,you should be working to qualify for insurance.If you don't work and want insurance,you shouldn't be subsidized by people that do.Also,NO ONE should be forced to SIGN UP for insurance.No penalties.
RULE #3:Stop trying to do the wealth transfer thing,Chuck.Quit attempting to give freebies to lazy minorities,paid for by white America.Our taxes pay for most everything your supporters use.
THAT'S what Trump supporters don't like.
SUGGESTION:An alternative to Rule #2,why can't group rates,offered by insurance companies to individual entities and businesses,like the Post Office,city,federal and state governments,Amazon,Microsoft etc,be offered to entire sections of the country--for people to purchase--whether you work or not?But you must pay your own premiums to qualify for the lower rate.Insurance companies covering large areas of the country
would get people to volunteer for coverage,thus mitigating cost.
Anyways Schumer,don't speak for me,please.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yes, why should anyone "have to" sign up for insurance. Mandatory health insurance takes away one of our few remaining rights: The right to die on our own terms. The tax penalty is a brand new tax, slipped onto the backs of the US public under the guise of health care reform. Something tells me the Republicans have no intention of doing away with the mandatory part of health care now, once the government gets it's hooks into you with a new tax, it never let's go.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yet another example of how the truth is held hostage to political correctness. John McEnroe has publicly stated that the Williams sisters would only rank around 700 in men's rankings. He did say that the ranking estimate could be vary but his point is well taken. Reality is that women can't compete with men in sports on an equal level. He simply stated the truth and nowhere does he "mock" them as the headline in this USA Today article states:
Now some people are "demanding" an apology but McEnroe is proving he's not just another mangina and refusing. Hope he sticks to his guns.

The Williams sisters did have a battle of the sexes in 1989 with Kaarsten Brasch, a German player ranked 203 in the world. He defeated them both 6-1 and 6-2. Observers at the scene noted how Brasch "took it easy" on them:,,543962,00.html Now, the sisters were 17 and 18 yrs. old at the time, but Venus was already ranked in the top 10 women and Brasch was over 30. Andre Agassi and Bjorn Borg were essentially top 10 players at 18 and a player like Brasch would have had little chance against them at that age. Unlikely Brasch could dominate any top ranked male player even if they were 18 yrs. old. Gives you an idea of just how big the physical gap between men and women is. Just don't tell that to the PC gender fanatics who would have you believe there is no difference between men and women physically.

For those that still might argue the sisters got better as players keep in mind that women mature faster than men physically, by the time they hit 17 or 18 or so they have reached their peak of full development, men still have an upward curve due to their longer maturation rate and with ability to build muscle quickly. Serena and Venus may have gotten more skillfull as they aged but they wouldn't get any faster and any significant muscle growth would only be due to unnatural means. Their skills wouldn't be much help when a much stronger and faster man whips a tennis ball at them at a speed they simply can't react to.

BTW After being beaten by Brasch, the sisters revised their challenge from: We could beat any guy over the 200 ranking group to any guy over 350. Personally, I doubt they could even break into the men's rankings, though they could probably compete at the jr. college level.

When I hear things like this I always consider my own experiences playing against women in basketball. Occasionally college level players would make appearances on the courts where I played, even though I am only a somewhat above average rat ball player (though pretty good athletically) and 5' 10", 150 lbs. I could easily physically dominate every female I faced off against.