Monday, June 26, 2017

According to Report, as Many as 5.7 Million Non-Citizens Voted Fraudulently in 2008 Election!

By Nicholas Stix

And that’s not counting illegal black American votes (double and triple votes, and votes by ineligible felons).

At Pajamas Media.

A tip ‘o the hate to the Countenance Blogmeister.


Anonymous said...

And that is how we got a Non-Citizen as US president, a Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever he was calling himself at the time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not as many now,since SCOTUS says a travel ban can go forward,with regard to 99% of the Trump plan.Trump's lawyer said,"It's a huge win for the country."
Now to deport the ones that came in,since all the appeals transpired (or is THAT illegal,ex post facto?)That'll be the next case.
--GR Anonymous