Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet Killer Mike – How Bernie Sanders Encouraged the Congressional Sniper (Colin Flaherty Video)


Killer Mike rap video shows black man assaulting white policeman

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Enjoying a "sanitary handshake"

Killer Mike and his best friend, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Chameleon-VT), above and below

Out and about


Anonymous said...

"The New Odd Couple".Or the alternate title,"Killer Loves Bernie".(remember the old CBS show "Bridget Loves Bernie"?
TV listing
Hijinks ensue as Felix Unger (Bernie Sanders)gets thrown out of his house and marriage,only to wind up at longtime friend Oscar's (Killer Mike)pad.Illegal things occur frequently causing Felix's allergies to act up. (V L)
Coming soon to an ABC station near you (following Blackish).

Anonymous said...

this is helping to establish a climate of hate that led to the commission of the crime. The person can be sued in civil court.

Anonymous said...

Killer Mike has for anyone seeing that video established a climate of hate that contributes to crimes as attacking cops being committed. Sue Killer Mike in civil court for everything he has. "Niggaz" and "poe-Leese mother fuck". Great lyrics Killer you dumb gorilla. From your girth I can see how badly you have been mistreated and gone hungry.