Friday, June 16, 2017

Accessories to the Democrat Assassination Attempt: The Genocidal, Racist, New York Times Called Donald Trump the “Last Hate-Filled Stand of the White Man” Almost One Year Ago

By Nicholas Stix

Increasingly, white racial socialists are aping black supremacists in their vituperations. Time was, you could tell a writer’s race by the language he used, even when different propagandists were from the same side of the aisle.



Anonymous said...

NY Times also backs the "Julius Caesar" play that has Trump stabbed instead of J.C.
Someone made an astute comment on ZH,about the amount of time that Hodgkinson(the assassin) spent in Washington.Was it possible that he spent all this time waiting for the opportunity to shoot Trump?He was there 3 months.Makes a lot of sense.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ape-ing the negro. YES, the white kid from the suburb who wants to be cool like the inner city colored kid. A whigger.