Friday, June 16, 2017

Phony Celebrity Madonna Ciccone Incites Murderous Violence, While Wearing a Bull-Proof Vest



By Nicholas Stix

At the Women’s March in D.C. on January 21, 2017, which had been planned to celebrate the inauguration of felon Hillary Clinton, Madonna Ciccone said the following in her speech:

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won’t change anything.”

Even though her speech was widely broadcast and re-posted, she has since claimed that she was quoted out of context.

Look at the photo above, from the demonstration.

Madonna Ciccone was blessed with a splendid figure. Circa 1978, when she was a 20-year-old, dark-haired nobody, Ciccone let a photographer take a session of nudes, or at least topless pictures of her. She had a beautiful, 34B bosom, and her shape was her own.

About 20 years later, the photographer sold the pics to Playboy, which published them. Unlike production Ciccone controlled, you could check out the pics at a news stand.

In the photo at the top, Ciccone looks shapeless. Now think. Have you ever seen a big-city police person? They all have that same shapeless look. It’s because they’re all wearing bullet-proof vests under their uniform shirts, just like real cops. (Cops being forced to wear vests all the time is one of the many blessings of diversity. When I was a kid, coppers only wore vests during extraordinary conditions.)

In case you doubt me, I looked up the matter. It seems that Madonna Ciccone has worn bullet-proof vests in public since at least 2009, during a visit to Brazil.

Ciccone may incite others to commit murder and get killed, but between her bullet-proof vests and her bodyguards, she has no intention of taking a bullet for anyone.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Madonna is a typical Left-Celebrity, hate-mongering, riot formentor. For more on left-wing hatred: