Saturday, June 17, 2017

Should Patriots Interrupt Performances of Anti-American Musical Hamilton, in Order to Lecture the Racists on Stage?



Recall that one of the performers in the show made a point of lecturing then Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage. What’s sauce for the goose…

Idea shamelessly ripped off from the Countenance Blogmeister.



Anonymous said...

That is a great idea.
Also,picket the major networks.If BLM can prevent people from freely walking into stores in Chicago,White folks should organize a crowded rally at the Commie News Nyetworks(NBC,CBS,MSNBC,CNN)on a daily basis.
At "Hamilton" theaters,how long would it take before riot police were called in to drag out the protesters.I'm sure the rule is "One way free speech" and only the "performers" can digress and interrupt what customers paid to see.
Pence has to take it,but the stage negroes would call security in 3 seconds to evict the white protesters.
--GR Anonymous

countenance said...

Won't mention names, but one of our movement's big wheels just dumped over the alt-liters heckling at JC.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. Aren't tickets a thousand dollars or so? Ruin their time where it is free.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. An alternative is for everyone attending to eat a huge amount of beans before attending the play and then just fart away, pass gas to show your displeasure.