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Man Asked Whether Middle-Aged, White Men Playing at Baseball Practice were Republicans or Democrats, Learned They were Republicans, and then the Shooting Commenced


Cong. Steve Scalise (R-New Orleans), in critical condition, three law enforcement officers, and one staffer of Cong. Roger Williams (R-TX) were shot by Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson

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Man asked if baseball team was GOP before shooting: witnesses
By Gabby Morrongiello and Natalie Musumeci
June 14, 2017 | 10:34 a.m. | Updated
New York Post

A man asked bystanders whether the lawmakers on the field at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday were Republicans or Democrats — before shots were fired at the GOPers, witnesses told The Post.

“I was in the parking lot when a guy walked up to two men [congressmen] and I heard him ask if it was Republicans or Democrats over on the field,” said a woman who would only identify herself as Susan.

“They responded, and then he walked toward the field. I didn’t see a gun on him at the time.”

It’s unclear if the man who asked the question was the gunman, but after the questions, a rifle-wielding shooter started blasting away at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria at about 7:09 a.m.

House Majority Whip Steven Scalise, along with two Capitol Police officers, another law enforcement officer and a staff member for Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), were hit when the gunman unloaded as many as 50 shots, witnesses said.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) said Scalise, who was at third base when he was hit, “was lying motionless.”

“I remember seeing gravel bounce up at third base and then hearing gunshots,” Flake said, adding that up to 12 people ran into the dugout for cover.

“Scalise was lying motionless and I wanted to get to him but couldn’t because the gunman” was still out there, he said.

“The only reason we had return fire was because Scalise had a [security] detail with him,” Flake said.

The lawmaker added that one of the security officers stationed himself in another dugout after being hit and was shooting back at the gunman.

“For a while in the dugout, I kept yelling ‘Are you friendly? Are you friendly?’ And then he called out, ‘Yes,’” Flake said.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama), still wearing his batting glove, said the shooter initially opened fire by sticking his weapon through the chain-link fence surrounding the field and popped off up to five shots.

“I heard a scream from Scalise after that. I think he said he had been hit. So I ran around to the batting cage,” said Brooks, who helped a wounded staffer by using his belt as a tourniquet.

Police took the gunman into custody.

The US House of Representatives has canceled all votes and hearings in the wake of the shooting.

President Trump has also canceled his remarks at the Department of Labor on Wednesday, a White House official said.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the press conference with the two "managers" of these two Congressional baseball teams holding court.
My "favorite" mantra was uttered for the millionth time since 9/11.
"We're not going to change our routine because this happened",one said.
Uhhh,except they're going to look into changing security from now on.But other than's actually an idiotic statement to say,"we're not going to give in to the terrorists (Islamic,black or political)and change our lives.
Believe me,on a localized level,when blacks have moved into previously white neighborhoods--and the crimes start to increase,the murders,rapes,assaults,robberies and drug dealing--you HAVE to change what you do.Walking down these streets after dark is out--unless you want to attract a bullet or a black thug or two.
Ignoring and denying what's happening is insane.So cut the bravado and admit things WILL change--they have to.To whistle through the graveyard is not logical.
--GR Anonymous