Sunday, June 25, 2017

Help Me Fight Hate, Inc., Better Known as the Southern Poverty Law Center!


"The Eternal Boomer" title is not at the SPLC page, and yet it is on the page on Google Images, with the SPLC's URL (, leading me to conclude that Hate, Inc. posted it with the Gothic-style lettering, evoking the Nazis (and Wilhelmine Germany), but then thought better of it and removed it, possibly after complaints. (And the subconscious association with "The Eternal Jew" is so strong that I initially copied it as, "The Eternal Jew"!

The following excerpts make a sort of sense, but I pulled them out of an SPLC rant that, taken as a whole, made no sense to me. Maybe it’s me.

The point is apparently something like ‘If you blame the Boomer generation for America being screwed up, but you let your parents support you after you turned 18, you’re a hypocrite.’

But of course, you can embrace your parents, while condemning their generation, or versa vice. The two issues are hardly logically wed.

Anywho, I need your help to fight one of the most powerful, private racist organizations in America, the SPLC. This evil organization has a kitty of over $300 million. God only knows what the money is there for. Certainly not to help poor folks.

If anyone wishes to donate $300 million to the Wyatt Earp Journalism Bureau/Nicholas Stix, Uncensored, I will gladly cash the check, without asking you if you’re sure you want to contribute it! I have no intention of giving donors time to second-guess their generous decisions.

However, I will also gladly accept donations of considerably less than $300 million.

Please hit the PayPal “Donate” button at the top, and make a generous donation to WEJB/NSU.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix


“One of many memes mocking Oath Keeper leader Stewart Rhodes.”

Grilling Boomers: The Alt-Right Gets All Fired Up about BBQ (the Baby Boomer Question )
June 22, 2017
Hatewatch Staff

A series of conflicts at a Houston protest last Saturday between members of the Alt-Right and a slew of Texas based militia and “patriot” groups has reanimated a tired trope at the heart of the Alt-Right: baby boomers are responsible for every problem afflicting whites in modern America.

Baby boomers and the Jewish elites, rather.

Disdain for baby boomers is a foundational tenet of the Alt-Right that associates the post-WWII generation with warmongering, selfish capitulation to big business at the cost of principled conservatism, and, most offensively, voluntary subjugation of themselves and their children to so-called cultural Marxism….

[Although I have never written the phrase, “cultural Marxism,” I have had editors change my favored phrase, “racial socialism” to it.]

“Through the tweet storm, [Occidental Dissent’s] Griffin attempts to level the economic plight of Selma, as a proxy for the blue-collar South, at the feet of John Lewis and the Civil Rights Movement, supported by boomers.”

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