Sunday, June 18, 2017

Exciting Video of Racist Cheetos Bandits in San Juan, CA! 300 lb. Black Female, Her 175 lb. Black Boyfriend, and Her 300 lb. Sister Commit Strong-Arm Robbery of Convenience Store, and Assault Workers and Witnesses; Black “Reporter” Broadcasts Non-Black Victim/Witnesses’ Faces and Names


"Reporter" Karma Dickerson on Twitter

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 12:28:00 P.M. EDT

This video just went "viral", it's kind of a mini flash shoplifting mob and involves, of course, violent, entitled negroes.

Note the usual media device of having a negro reporter, Karma Dickerson, at the scene. I always wonder how that works. Whenever there is negro violence there must be a secret order: We need a negro reporter for this one! Get Laquifa or Latrinius on the scene right now!

In this incident, there are two hideous squat, fat negresses (app. 300-lbs. each) shoplifting Cheetos, while a tall, fit negro male (app. 6’3” and 175 lbs.) defends them. He shoves the store clerks (misdemeanor assaults, accessory) attempting to stop the troglodytes from stealing.

In a hilarious moment, the Cheetos go flying, so the shoplifter merely goes back and grabs another bag. After all, she's entitled to that fresh bag because the clerk ruined the first one she stole. A white woman films the scene from her car and one of the walking bags of cellulite spots her, yells: “Hey, don't do that!,” and runs up to the open window and attempts to strike her. The white woman has a surprise, though, she's got a Taser (I gotta get one of those things for myself), and gives her a shock. Yes, at times, there is sweet justice in this universe.

N.S.: Yes, Jerry, this is a veritable catalogue of stereotypes. Note, too that the “reporter” identified the witnesses/crime victims, while not id’ing the perps. This in order to aid and abet the perps in escaping any punishment, via their hunting down, intimidating, and harming, all the way to murdering the vic/witnesses.

In my own reporting, I have gone so far as to “anonymize” people who spoke to me on relatively minor matters, because they were low-level employees who were at the bottom of the totem pole, and were in danger of being fired and whitelisted by sadists up the line.

Caught on Camera Shoplifting Fight [sic] over Cheetos CBS News 8 San Diego, CA News Station KFMB


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That store clerk is lucky that he was not killed or badly injured.

Jim-Jim said...

Will there ever be a solution to the Big Fat Negress Problem?

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