Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breaking News: Crime Pays… Again! Racist, Criminal, Black Parents of Failed, Would-be Cop-Killer Mike Brown Clean up Today with Millions, at White Taxpayer Expense, While Rogue Judge Illegally Makes Taxpayer Settlement Secret!


The parents of racist, failed, would-be cop-killer "Michael" brown and their lawyers, as they announce extortionary lawsuit of the white taxpayers of Ferguson, MO, Brown's victim, Officer Darren Wilson, and Wilson's former police chief, Thomas Jackson

By Nicholas Stix

At the Post-Dispatch.


Anonymous said...

What does cop Wilson get for being attacked by Brown,villified and then fired?
P.S.I see Cespedes of the Mets on ESPN tonight.Is that boy doing roids or what?

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how they even have a case for a law suit. This is ghetto lotto big time. I guess cheaper and easier with insurance to settle than go to trial.

Nicholas said...


I wonder if white Officer Darren Wilson has standing to sue his attacker's family.

Re: Cespedes: He lists as 5'10," but I doubt he's more than 5'9."

As for roids, didn't you know that it's racist to accuse a non-white of that? An NYT op-ed writer would have you deported for that.

Besides, roids are apparently no longer the way to go. It's supposedly HGH. However, BALCO's Victor Conte reportedly invented a form of roids for Barry Bonds that no drug urine screen could catch, and Conte has never fessed up.

And is it possible to do roids during the off-season in the DR, then stay clean for a couple of months before spring training, and thereby beat the screen?

Anonymous said...

Okay,I apologize,it's not roids.Probably just a very large amount of beer (with/without HGH in it)being consumed,on a daily basis.I remember Cespedes in Detroit,and he looks twice as big as 3 years ago.A couple Mets look a little thick--no inferences made,lol.

Anonymous said...

Hollyweird is making a movie of Brown with Brown the hero.

Anonymous said...

An update: The Washington Post yesterday revealed the settlement to be $1.5 million.