Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Four-Year-Old Boy Murdered in Gaines Township, Michigan Identified; Dirtbag Neighbors Claim of Jailbird Suspect, the Mother’s Boyfriend, “He was trying to save the boy”


Murder victim Giovanni Mejias—that’s about as old as he got to be

[Previously, on this case:

“Four-Year-Old is Murdered Just Outside of Grand Rapids; 25-Year-Old Suspect is in Custody.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 5:53:00 P.M. EDT

Giovanni Mejias was the 4-year-old identified as the murder victim. Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the stomach.

This is some lowlife mobile home park, it appears. There are neighbors loudly proclaiming the murderer, Ortiz “would NEVER do something like that. He was trying to save the boy.”

[N.S.: “Save him” from whom?]

Signs of support for Ortiz are plastered on the mobile home. Some sick, stupid people out there.

Police say in fact, they've have been to the residence multiple times previously.

“We're very familiar with this place,” said police.

CPS has finally removed the other six children living in that home. A little late.

N.S.: The day Giovanni Mejias was born, it was too late for him. I used to work with kids like him. The damned.


Murder suspect Elis Nelson Ortiz' 2013 mug shot from Kent County Correctional Facility: He's a flesh-and-blood argument for the death penalty--while enjoying the presumption of innocence, natch!


Anonymous said...

GRA:There's a twist to this story that shows the mother as a completely unstable person.Her previous boyfriend, white man,David Onstott was the father of 3 of Sonja Hernandez's kids.She fooled around,got pregnant with an unnamed guys child (turned out to be the 4 year old murder victim).She then left Onstott for Ortiz,the killer.She is some mess.Read on if you want to see some ridiculous crap:
—(WOODTV) The Michigan Office of Children’s Ombudsman is opening an investigation into how a state agency handled the case of a 4-year-old boy murdered in Gaines Township.

Authorities have identified the victim as 4-year-old Giovanni Mejias.

The Kent County Medical Examiner’s Office determined Giovanni died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen and the manner of death was homicide. Several older injuries in various stages of healing were found during the

The 25-year-old suspect in the homicide, who is the boyfriend of Giovanni’s mother and not his father, is awaiting arraignment on murder charges. Jail
records identify him as Elis Nelson Ortiz.

The mother, Sonja Hernandez, had five children.

Court records show that David Onstott and Hernandez had a tumultuous relationship that did not survive despite having three children together. But he said he came to love the 4-year-old boy fathered by another man.

“When Giovanni was born, I was there. I cut his umbilical cord,” Onstott said. “I raised him for about a year-and-a-half or so.”

He said the 4-year-old was like a brother to his other children.

“He was a good little kid. Good little kid,” Onstott said. “Full of life. Joked around a lot.”

But Onstott and the woman did not stay together and she gained full custody.

He says things were OK until she met the man now in Kent County Correctional, Elis Nelson Ortiz. Onstott said after they were together he saw cuts and bruises on her children.

“I’ve called the cops have been involved, CPS multiple times have been involved, the schools have been involved,” Onstott said.

There were calls that children were left alone at the Cutlerville mobile home. Onstott said the children were afraid of the boyfriend and their mother.

“Sonja was well aware. She was well aware of what was happening, because she told him that was his responsibility to whoop them,” said Onstott.

He said he blames authorities for failing to act.

“I’ve told them multiple times that something’s going to happen, eventually. Something’s going to happen and nobody’s listening,” said Onstott.

Tuesday morning, authorities were called to a mobile home on N. Green Meadow Street SE near Division Avenue and 60th Street on a report of a child who wasn’t breathing.

Emergency responders revived the 4-year-old boy, but he died at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Authorities say the suspect was watching seven children under the age of 11 in the home at the time of the incident. It’s unclear if Child Protective Services has taken those children into custody.

The Office of Children’s Ombudsman is opening an investigation into how CPS handled prior involvement with the boy’s family.

Capt. Bruce Ivie told 24 Hour News 8 the Kent County Sheriff’s Department responded to multiple CPS-related calls at the home within about the last three years.
GRA:The woman belongs either in prison--with the boyfriend or a mental hospital.
--GR Anonymous

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And the immigration status of this bad guy is??

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Quick update:
They arraigned Ortiz today.While they showed him crying in court,the reporter
read a long list of crimes,including before he was a teen.He also had a case of assaulting a minor that was dropped,along with the usual drugs,guns and domestic violence crimes that stuck.Rumored to be in a prominent gang.
The "mother"would not let any TV station interview her.Arrest her next.