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“These Damned Engineers!” “Diese verdammten Ingenieure!” How the 291st Combat Engineers Saved Western Europe from the Nazis (Two Videos, One Photo)



291st Combat Engineers Lt. John Perkins, Cpl. Peter Piar and Pvt. Calvin DuPre remove a boobytrap from a abandoned Sturmgeshutz of Kampfgruppe Y, abandoned beside the N32 at Geromont. (rudeerude)

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paul (Wed 06 Jan 2010 03:47:47 AM EST)

As ruderude said it is from KG Y of SS Panzer Brigade 150 and it was deliberately painted as an American vehicle but used by the Germans. They did not have enough Shermans so painted vehicles with US stars, there are also 251's done the same as well as the Panthers disguised as M10's.

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291st Combat Engineers | Against the Odds


“Vermatten engineers”?! Try, “(Diese) verdammten Ingenieure!,” Rob (narrator Rob Lowe).

Back when I was a kid, millions of Americans knew enough German to know that that was laughably wrong, and producers of TV shows like Combat! were very careful about these things.

Bob Cresswell and the Engineers vs Peiper's Panzers | Against the Odds: “Personal Accounts”


Published on Mar 19, 2014

While building barracks in anticipation of occupying Germany, Bob Cresswell and his fellow engineers found themselves in the path of a German armored assault. In a desperate bid to block the advance, the US engineers send a small contingent of soldiers to destroy a key river crossing. | For more AGAINST THE ODDS, visit

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