Friday, June 02, 2017

Red Guard “Students” Now Claim Louisiana State University’s Tiger Mascot is “Racist” and “White Privilege”

By A Texas Reader

At Breitbart.

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Anonymous said...

Oh oh,those "Frosted Flakes" I eat are in big trouble(because of Tony the Tiger)...Or maybe,I AM--if I get caught eating them at the restaurant I go to for breakfast.
BREAKING NEWS:Blacks slaughter white man for eating racist cereal.
YOUTUBE video as 4 blacks cornered a white man in a Grand Rapids breakfast joint,ordering him to "stop eating those damn Frosted Flakes."
"But they're grrrrreat",said the white man,"just like white people."Just then several gunshots rang out,turning the white patron into little bits of Cheerios.
"Another racist cracker we got rid of,"said one of the blacks,before he was arrested.
It's really not that far out of the question--is it?
--GR Anonymous