Sunday, June 11, 2017

Read about a Young, Up-and-Coming, Racist Hater that You Need to Know about

By Nicholas Stix

Her name is Nora Shelley.


Anonymous said...

Shariastein by Nora Shelley
"I am by birth,an Islamist.My family was well known in the Middle East.My father waged war with other factions,as did my grandfather,and our ancestors for centuries preceding.
Our directive,by Allah,is to bring the Muslim lifestyle to the entire world.We must do it any way possible--war,terrorism,assimilation,politics,fakery,sympathy.Some call us monsters,like Frankenstein.We are Sharia--and we want to take over your country."

I guess she won't be writing THAT book anytime soon.Instead,she's in favor of defending the flooding of our country with people,who are fundamentally AGAINST what made this country great.
Shelley will instead make excuses and list reasons why we need more immigrants from the whole fu**ing world.The Democratic talking points--in otherwords."That's who we are","We must show caring for infants and children in war".
Guess what,these Islamic children grow up to be Islamic adults.Most terrorism is now caused in the West by native-born Muslims (see recent attacks in France,England,Miami etc)and when enough of them get into a certain area,assimilation goes out the window.Instead,as with blacks,Mexicans and Hmong types,they begin a process of tearing down the fabric of the neighborhoods they live in--through crime.
So Miss Shelley can be counted as a racist traitor.But who knows?If demographics keep moving in the wrong direction,in 50 years,she may,in retrospect be thought of as a heroine--by her Sharia led US government.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Tonights edition of $100,000 Pyramid has the white race reaching equality of sorts.Two whites,Tom Bergeron and Jennifer Nettles are allowed to appear with LL cool J and Leslie Jones.
But with blacks at 13-14% of the population,aren't whites being discriminated against by having only 50% representation?
This is the episode where Bergeron denigrates his race by apologizing for not knowing about dreadlocks.
As negro host Michael Strahan tells Bergeron the answer he didn't know was,"Dreadlocks",Bergeron sheepishly says,"I'm so white",to the gaptoothed guffaw of Strahan.
When blacks can't solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune or eff up on "Pyramid",you sure as hell don't hear THEM say,"We didn't get dat,cuz weez black",though it would be 100% correct.
The nigs love it of course at ABC.That's all they've been showing on promos for this weeks show.
And we really aren't 50-50 on this show.The host is black (like most are).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

GRA:ISIS...or a bad haircut?
JACKSON, Miss. — A headless body has been found after the head of a young black man was discovered on the front steps of a Mississippi home.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance told WAPT-TV that a resident discovered human remains in an open field around 3 p.m. Saturday. The remains were located about a mile (1.5 kilometers) from where the severed head was found hours earlier that day.

Police say the body was severely burned and the man couldn’t be immediately identified.

Cmdr. Tyree Jones says authorities do not yet have a motive for the killing. Asked whether it might be gang-related, he refused to speculate. He had previously said just finding the head earlier wasn’t typical of a homicide scene.
GRA:Isn't this the same city that two weeks ago,had a black kill 8,including a white sheriff? Never dull where the blacks live--neither are the knives they use to decapitate heads with.Or maybe it was just a haircut gone

Anonymous said...

YEP. SPLC. Been discredited so many times you cannot count the number of times. Shake down extortionists. Even the various law enforcement agencies that used to rely on SPLC will have nothing to do with them anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Police say the body was severely burned and the man couldn’t be immediately identified."

Klan must have done it. Klan must have done it. Klan must have done it. Klan must have done it.

Anonymous said...

The jury,in the Bill Cosby case,went into deliberation.The question is,will the 2 blacks on the otherwise white jury,block a conviction.Cosby has admitted,in depositions from a 2005 case,to drugging women.That was allowed into evidence,in this trial.Seems like a slamdunk--unless these two blacks took jury lessons from the OJ trial.
--GR Anonymous