Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Left Professor Jeffrey Toobin on CNN Hatefest: James Comey’s Statement Makes Case that President Trump is Guilty of “Obstruction of Justice”

By Nicholas Stix

The Last Refuge’s Sundance: “Against the backdrop of a nothingburger, the biggest manufactured nothingburger in recent political history, President Trump’s opposition, all of it, media and political creatures, now need to find an exit that provides them some measure of face-saving for their exhaustive efforts to smear and cloud the presidency of the United States.”

Unfortunately, sundance, you’re being too logical and honest. As far as the President’s enemies are concerned, nothing could ever possibly “exonerate” him. They have defined him as the enemy, and thus as guilty.

Just about two hours ago, Left professor Jeffrey Toobin asserted that Comey’s statement makes the case that the President is guilty of “obstruction of justice.” Of course, Toobin has been making the same assertion, no matter what the day’s CNN fake news (“Breaking News”) brought, for weeks.

The racist, seditious Left revealed their plans months ago: The only options they will countenance are: 1. Impeachment, conviction, and removal of the President from office; 2. His removal from office via the 25th Amendment; or 3. His assassination.

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David In TN said...

I remember a prediction by Jeffrey "I had never heard of the Zebra murders" Toobin. The night before the Simpson criminal trial verdict, Toobing predicted there would be a conviction. This was after favoring the defense throughout in his "coverage."