Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jeff Sessions in the Crosshairs—Now!

By Nicholas Stix

Any second now, seditionists on the Senate Judiciary Committee are looking to cross-examine AG Jeff Sessions. According to CNN, they are going to ask if Sessions had a third meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak (between the election and the inauguration).

Since the DPUSA is trying to manufacture crimes, where there are none, I would like AG Sessions to refuse to cooperate with them. When Congress cited Criminal General Eric Holder for contempt, there were no repercussions for Holder. By contract, with AG Sessions, the Party will seek to destroy him, no matter what he does. However, it has more opportunity to play word games, if he answers their questions.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing that gives Dems more pleasure,than roasting a southern white Republican.
Just Sessions accent gives off the appearance of lesser intelligence.When he hems and haws,it LOOKS like he's being overwhelmed by all the Hahvard lawyer types.It also seems that his hearing is not up to par--which doesn't help.
I love that Sessions is the AG,just for the new directives on drug dealing blacks.But his strength is not giving testimony,though he appears to be weathering the storm fairly well.It's all politics,pure and simple--and he understands how it works.Hence,the wry smile on occasion.
-GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It's obvious,that the networks decision to broadcast this hearing,is a POLITICAL decision,in and of itself.By elevating this to such a level where the 3 main networks felt coverage was deemed necessary,is disingenuous at worst and politically motivated,at best.They've concluded,in their dishonest wisdom,that the American people need to see this.
Why?Are Trump subordinates being charged with crimes?Is this a criminal investigation?Is it anything?
No.It's a roast,without the humor of Dean Martin and Don Rickles.
It yields nothing.The networks used to refrain from airing presidential press conferences or speeches.
I'm actually surprised the networks don't just show the Dems ripping into Sessions and have their analysts,like Chuck Todd talk over the Republicans senators,while they speak.
Bottom line:This should only be on the cable networks.
The networks say otherwise.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

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