Tuesday, June 06, 2017

D-Day, 1944 vs. D-Day, 2017

By Nicholas Stix

In 1944, America and our British allies invaded Europe, in order to liberate it from the Nazis. Who will liberate America from the tyranny of the "diversity" invasion?

I have often referred to D-Day as the biggest amphibious invasion in the history of the world. 156,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy, France.

And yet, that is nothing, compared to the invasion force which has buffeted America for app. 50 years. Some 100 million foreigners—legal and illegal—have either entered the country, against the wishes of most Americans, or been dropped here by them like bombs on the American body politic.

The overwhelming majority of these people have harmed America.

• They have robbed the treasury blind;
• They have committed astronomical numbers of crimes;
• They have destroyed the rule of law;
• They have stolen millions of jobs from Americans, whom they have increasingly left destitute;
• They have destroyed public education at the level of the schools, increasingly at the college level;
• They have destroyed public morality;
• They have destroyed American culture;
• They have brought about the obscene, illegal enrichment of a new American criminal class among the well-to-do that parallels their own criminal class;
• They have damaged America’s infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels)
• They have harmed America’s environment (water, appearances, public parks)
• They have created a second underclass even larger than the black one we already had;
• They have expanded the grip of affirmative action, aka “diversity,” which is illegal, unconstitutional, and a moral outrage, and which has brought about institutionalized racism, and a system in which people are routinely hired for jobs and accepted to educational institutions, not in spite of their being morally and intellectually unfit, but because of it;
• They have caused America’s national IQ to plummet;
• They have institutionalized terrorism as part of American life;
• They have eliminated America history, and replaced it with a fake history in the image of their own racist and traitorous hatred; and
• They have sent America into a death spiral.

In 1944, America had a national IQ of approximately 98.5. Today, that average is probably below 95.

Of course, the curse of “diversity” did not just arrive on its own. It was invited in by evil elites—the Party of Cheap Labor, and the Party of Cheap Votes.

The Republican Party has for over a generation waged class war on middle and working-class whites, while the Democrat Party has waged race war on whites, particularly normal, patriotic, white men.

A second civil war has been inexorably bearing down on us.

Five years ago, I predicted that at the rate things were going, an American Holocaust, a war of all against all, was in the cards that would cost tens of millions of lives.

At the time, a genocidal black supremacist, a John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” was in the White House. Since I believe “Obama” has been behind the Russia Game conspiracy that seeks to steal the White House from President Trump, I’m not sure that he has ever surrendered power.

President Trump sought to save the country, but “Obama” and the racist American Left have sought, all along, to destroy it.

Trump now seems lost, and has triangulated to the point where it is not clear that he stands for anything (remember “built the wall”?), and his seditious enemies seek to make it impossible him to govern, while they waylay him with one conspiratorial false charge after another, until their putsch succeeds, and they force him from office, with the help of evil Republicans like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and others who will watch it happen.

Not only does America seem on its way to a Holocaust, but to a dictatorship, no matter who remains in charge.

Let’s hope and pray that I’m wrong, but the degree to which a nation is free, prosperous, intelligent and lawful depends on its demographics. White, Anglo-Saxon Christians made America the greatest nation-state in the history of the world. For 52 years, since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 passed Congress and was signed into law by Lyndon Johnson, our elites have worked to make America non-white, stupid, poor and violent. And they have been extremely successful!

The Devil would approve.


Anonymous said...

Well written N.S.
The USA used to stand for United States of America.NOW it stands for (in my opinion),UnderSupported Anglos.
An economic crisis of some epic proportion,will probably trigger D-Day 20??.When the government decides to take over the bank accounts of white America,under the guise of preserving the financial system,then there will be nothing left to lose.We will riot and take back what was ours.A stock market crash caused by a black swan event(war,insolvency,assassination etc)might do the trick.
In the meantime,keep vigilant.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Baseball history as Scooter Gennett,a journeyman player from the Reds,goes 5 for 5 with 4 HRs and 10 RBIs.Also,Max Scherzer has 13 Ks in 6 innings out in LA tonight.Going at a 19-20 K pace.Jyst a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Scherzer wound up getting pulled for a PH in the 8th,so no chance of an attempt on a strikeout record.Finished with 14 Ks.

Anonymous said...

Racism in politics?Black politicians Kamala Harris and Al Green,just the two latest examples of it.
Green even says his impeachment quest,"is not about politics."
Well,if you pursue impeachment without facts and eliminate politics as a reason--what's left?
Kamala Harris repeatedly interrupted a Trump administration official during hearings yesterday.I wonder what her excuse is for acting as improperly as she did.
I think where blacks are concerned,racism and politics go hand in hand.Those two items can't be separated on the Hill.The blacks won't admit it in those cases of course,but will quickly drop the race card on ANYTHING--including inane events like WHEN blacks are allowed to testify versus whites--in hearings earlier this year.
If any whites believe the black propaganda being produced (in politics,news broadcasts and TV shows),they are sad human beings indeed.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

They have stolen millions of jobs from Americans, whom they have increasingly left destitute;

Why is it considered hateful or wrong to speak these truths? I am working at a menial job in a wealthy area. What makes it really bad are the very wealthy foreigners who live there. They have the worst behavior and condescending attitudes towards working class white people.