Saturday, June 03, 2017

Breaking News: “This is for Allah!” Moslem Attack in London Kills at Least Seven Brits, in Van and Knife Attacks

By Nicholas Stix

At the Daily Mail.

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Anonymous said...

I can only equate terrorism to what I see in my city.
I posted a comment on a local news site concerning the shootings,murders,drug overdoses and drive-bys that have exploded in Grand Rapids the last two years.
"These occurrences have shown how quickly this city has decayed--thanks to the policies of diversity that the last two mayors have pushed down our collective throats.They have allowed a wave of thugs,drug dealers and lowlifes to take over many areas of the city.In fact,instead of correcting the problem through tougher housing rules and police enforcement,they are seeking to provide a 'welcome mat' to more minorities."
"20 years ago,there were no blacks--and no shootings,no crime.DO SOMETHING MAYOR!!!"
The same can be said of terrorist crime in Europe and the US.If you let them in--they will do what they do very naturally--kill(all for their religion).
It will take another 9/11,unfortunately,to make the world's thinking head in the right direction.
Black crime and Islamic attacks are both in the same category to me--terrorism.
--GR Anonymous