Thursday, June 01, 2017

Breaking News: Mass Shooting in St. Louis Leaves 4 Shot, 2 or 3 Dead, and 1 or 2 Wounded, Including a 7-Year-Old

By Nicholas Stix

At the Post-Dispatch.


Anonymous said...

BHF:Blacks Having Fun.
Btw:I read today that Pelley's firing wasn't supposed to be announced until much later--THAT'S why they were still announcing the news show as"CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley".
It was leaked out to everyone but the crew at CBS kind of news organization,either doesn't know one of its own has been dismissed,or they DID know,but incompetently adjusted to tje fact.Funniest thing in a while.I only hope Lesta gets the same treatment someday.

countenance said...

That neighborhood has been hotter than its ghetto normal as of late. For what I'm thinking, the local gang dope scene must for some reason be converging on that area.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for your thoughts, CB. I'll be looking for your updated observations.

Nicholas said...


I love it!