Saturday, March 04, 2017

Former Obama Staffer Confirms, Indirectly, that Someone in the Obama Administration was Wiretapping Candidate and then President-Elect Trump

By Nicholas Stix

Jon Favreau’s life could be in danger. Hopefully, this could lead to the damn breaking, and at least one spook coming forward.

I’m pretty sure we’ve never had an outgoing president conspire to topple the government of his successor. Then again, we never had anything like the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” before, nor did we ever have such a fractured polity before.

ontheball_to offthewall • 4 hours ago
former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau was quite clear in his warning to reporters that Obama did not say there was no wiretapping, effectively confirming it:

However, I don't buy Favreau's caveat. There's no way that Trump was being wiretapped, without "Obama" having ordered it.

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