Friday, March 03, 2017

Feds Arrest Suspect in String of Bomb Threats Against 7 Jewish Community Centers and the ADL, and He’s a Black, Trump-Hating Cross between Jayson Blair and Vester Lee Flanagan! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Will CNN (Especially Sunlen Serfaty), The Forward, the Anne Frank Center's Steven Goldstein, the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, et al. Apologize to President Trump and His Supporters? Don’t Hold Your Breath!


No, not this Juan Thompson, the son of the late Hunter Thompson...

This Juan Thompson, the racist, black, journalism fraud

Harry Khachatrian
Juan Thompson is: 1. Venomously anti-Trump 2. Communist 3. A serial liar Has @CNN offered him a full-time position yet?

Twitter two hours ago, via Google (Twitter blocked me on February 21.)

By Nicholas Stix

The feds have arrested a suspect in the bomb threats against Jewish organizations, but he is not the kind of man that Trump-haters had been hoping for. He’s Juan Thompson, a black, leftwing racist, who had been employed as a paid “journalist” by the leftwing Intercept, and then fired for fabricating stories, à la black New York Times affirmative action hire, Jayson Blair; and now has allegedly segued to becoming a terrorist, which reminds me of racist, black murderer, Vester Lee Flanagan, two privileged black men about whom I’ve done a lot of work. (Blair: Here and here; Flanagan: here and here. I created a journalism award in Jayson Blair’s honor: The Duranty-Blair Award for Journalistic Infamy.)

My Reader-Researcher A Texas Reader, sent me a link to NBCDFW, but NBC operative Jonathan Dienst’s story showed only a silhouette of the suspect. Since when do MSM outlets refuse to show a picture of the suspect on such a big story? To paraphrase koala bear, when they won’t show the picture, you get the picture!

Another unwitting giveaway was when Dienst spoke of Thompson’s “anger,” as in “his anger spread.”

When MSM operative/activists speak of those whom they hate, they speak of “hate,” e.g., “his hatred spread,” and cite my good friend, Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Conversely, when MSM operatives/activists speak of those whom they love, they speak of “anger.” When’s the last time you heard one of these characters use the word “hate” or “hatred,” in conjunction with racist blacks? Never? On rare occasion, the SPLC may use the “H” word in conjunction with the Nation of Islam, but will never mention the NOI’s over 80 murders of whites.


This is the sort of picture that Jonathan Dienst and NBC "News" do not want you to see

Dienst tried to keep hoax alive, and diminish Thompson’s significance, by saying that he’s more of a “copycat,” and that the originals (surely white Trump supporters, if not directed by Steve Bannon himself!) were still at large.
But additional sources told NBC News Thompson is not believed to be the person behind the series of threats targeting Jewish community centers across the nation in recent months.
Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute! Juan Thompson was just arrested for a series of threats targeting Jewish community centers across the nation in recent months.

Because Thompson is black, and NBC (and its MSM allies) are so invested in the idea of Trump supporters being behind the bomb threats, Jonathan Dienst has gone so far as to diminish Thompson’s alleged vicious crimes. That’s despicable, dishonest, and racist. And any FBI agent who spoke that way to Dienst deserves to be cashiered, along with Dienst.

The current story is also that Thompson was trying to frame his white ex-girlfriend.

According to the New York Daily News:
[Tweet:] “Know any good lawyers?” he tweeted on Feb. 24. “Need to stop this nasty/racist #whitegirl I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name & wants me to be raped in jail.”

[E-mail:] “The girlfriend ‘hates Jewish people (and) is the head of a ring and put a bomb in (the San Diego) center to kill as many Jews asap,’ read one of the emails.”
The best work on Thompson so far, has been done by Riverfront Times reporter Doyle Murphy, and was published just three hours ago.

In the days before Juan Thompson's arrest this morning for his part in a string of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers across the U.S., the St. Louis native seemed a little extra crazy, which is saying something.

This is a guy who took imaginary trips to Cuba and Senegal. He dubiously claimed he was with the Standing Rock protesters in North Dakota and that he'd bought a house in Detroit. He lied about the weirdest things….

At the Riverfront Times, we published a cover story about Thompson last February. He was a north St. Louis native who was once a reporter with a job at The Intercept in New York City, a news site best-known for its cache of documents from national security leaker Edward Snowden….

Thompson blamed racism [for his firing] and also claimed to have cancer. But we uncovered additional problems with his work, going all the way back to his college days with the student newspaper at Vassar College, a prestigious university in Poughkeepsie, New York. Thompson had overcome an impoverished background to attend college there, but failed to graduate. He still landed a few good media jobs — only to crash and burn when his sourcing didn't check out.

[N.S.: Remind you of Jayson Blair?]

After our cover story, we followed up later with a short account of his brief tenure for an online news site. I wrote the stories. Thompson was pissed. He emailed my boss and tried to get me fired. When that didn't work, he emailed me.

"You are a white piece of shit who lies and distorts to fit a narrative," he wrote me in October. "Thankfully no one reads you or the rft and you will spend the rest of your career aggregating stories about shootings."

Things were quiet for a while after that, but then came the fake Twitter accounts. My wife and I were sitting on our couch one night when she tapped me on the elbow and showed me her phone. Someone had created a brand-new Twitter profile claiming I was a rapist. The person tweeted at her, my boss and other journalists around St. Louis. It was an insane — and, though it's hard to believe I even have to say it — completely untrue accusation….
[Read the whole thing!]

When Murphy called the St. Louis (City) police, and started telling his tale of woe, before he could even ID the suspected perp, the cop on the other end asked if this was about Juan Thompson!



There are at least three problems at work here:

• The ongoing putsch, in which the DPUSA (including the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama”), its MSM division, and GOP Never-Trumpers (mainly John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and George W. Bush) seditiously seek to undo the election by toppling Donald Trump’s presidency, forcing the President from office, and leaving a crippled, weak, Mike Pence to finish his term as the nation’s last Republican president;

• The tactic, within the putsch, of blaming everything on President Trump and his supporters, especially attacks on powerful, DPUSA constituencies (in this case, Jews), never mind that the usual suspects are themselves powerful, DPUSA constituencies (e.g., blacks); and

• The MSM practice of hiring manifestly intellectually and morally unfit individuals to “journalism” jobs, as long as they are black, sufficiently racist, and can string together two consecutive, grammatical sentences. No matter how much havoc black affirmative action hires wreak, the MSM will never dispense with the practice.


Anonymous said...

The 6:30 NNN actually showed the perp,but made the excuse that,"This person is only responsible for a small percentage of the many threatening calls made against synogogues.He appears to be a copycat who decided to get revenge against his 'white racist girlfriend.' "
That last quote attributed to his Facebook account.He definitely was racist and will be given a pass,since this was only "revenge against a white woman he had been dating."That according to NNN.
She couldn't have been too racist--could she--since the white woman agreed to go out with him in the first place.However she WAS stupid--for going out with him AT ALL.She's lucky she wasn't murdered.
--GR Anonymous

Basso e Grasso said...

Rump 2020, Ivanka 2024 and 2028, Democrats kaput. . . .

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yes, I've seen the headlines also - Ominously alluding to a "wave" of hate crimes, most of which are undoubtedly being perpetrated by other Juan Thompson's, but the media can't have that, it needs to reinforce the false narrative that it's just whites.

However, this Thompson character has one saving grace, in a posted a 5,000 word manifesto he actually wrote something of crystal clear insight and actual truth. Here it is:

"The white New York liberal media makes me vomit with their arrogant, patronizing, bigotry," Thompson, 31, wrote in an essay he posted online on July 7, 2016.

He's absolutely right about the liberal media, though it can apply to much of the conservative media also, but even a broken clock is right at least once during the day.

Anonymous said...

The way the(local AND national) media is always trying lecture and influence the viewers during their crapfilled half hours is just ONE of the reasons I find myself refraining from devoting much time to it.Local is just as bad as national,but with a focus on HOW we should behave.The national media tries to tell us how to THINK.
There's an ongoing story concerning a local restaurant.I won't get into names of specific individuals or establishments,but this particular restaurant told a man or group of men that they had to leave--because they were wearing American Legion jackets.The restaurant had come up with a dress code that ganglike attire could not be worn there.This was based on an attempt to keep ACTUAL gangmembers out.
A big stink erupted on WOODTV and it was reported Ted Nugent became involved.
Nugent went on the attack.The media latched on to his opinion that the restaurant was wrong to ask the men to leave or change clothes--and they played up the military aspect of it.
I'm of the opinion that this is as bad as the liberal press' attempts to tell us what to think,concerning race,politics,gay marriage etc.
This is local media trying to change what a private establishment deems is appropriate for its business--and create a controversy that is none of their concern.
So the pressure has been applied.Ted Nugent is wrong to get involved,just as Ashley Judd is wrong.They all should shut up.Why can't we let the business owner make his own rules?The baker is forced to make cakes with two guys on it or he gets ostracized.This business is trying to keep its business safe,but has to fight bad publicity as a result.They are basically being accused of being unpatriotic,when they're trying to be fair.Let businesses run their businesses the way they see fit.
So much for freedom in America.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

'Thompson had overcome an impoverished background to attend college there, but failed to graduate.'
Thompson didn't have to overcome anything. In their allegiance to 'diversity and inclusion', colleges were tripping over themselves to grant him entry and keep him matriculating, and still he failed.
In fact, these failures have spawned an entire new genre in publishing: 'He was brilliant, but the ghetto kept pulling him down...' A representative example:
So, society owed him an education, a job, a (white) girlfriend, and when he fucked all this up it was this 'racist' society's fault.
I'm surprised he didn't go full 'Omar Thornton':
Employers across the nation are full of people with just this sense of entitlement

Anonymous said...

Juan lives in St. Louis. Close by is where one of the cemeteries was vandalized. Bit it was Juan or a cohort all along.