Saturday, March 04, 2017

Breaking News: Turnabout is Fair Play! Trump Accuses Seditious Obama of Having Wiretapped Him in Trump Tower, During Run-Up to Election; MSM, Which Unquestioningly Published Obama’s Lies (Including His Russia Game), Seek to Undermine Trump’s Charges

By Nicholas Stix

Thank goodness! Trump had been playing defense for too long.

At The Hill.

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Anonymous said...

I can just see Obama sauntering out to a few microphones and smugly saying to his adoring press corps,"Got proof?"
Of course this is "he said,he said".Trump must love driving the kooks (known also as MSM)berserk with these tidbits.They immediately stampede into outrage:"THERE IS NO PROOF!"
The illegal voting in California:"THERE IS NO PROOF!"
Scott Pelley comes right out and prefaces his Trump stories with,"As usual,with no facts,President Trump made the accusation that..."
I can see Pelley's furrowed brow and laugh--Trump,you got 'em again.Trump Torture Tactics for the press--and they fall for it everytime.Lol.
--GR Anonymous