Sunday, September 06, 2015

In Detroit, Turnabout is Fair Play: Two Armed, Would-Be Robbers Ended Up in the Hospital Thursday Night, After Their Intended Victim Returned Fire


At the Detroit News.

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Anonymous said...

Small when I got my filthy, criminal black and Mexican section 8ers evicted on both sides of me in the last year and a half.Decent neighbors now...but I compare it to bailing water out of a leaking boat in the middle of the ocean.Drowning is in our future.The inflow of lowlife minorities is overwhelming my once good neighborhood (and city of Grand Rapids.) If you don t see moving vans with blacks loading shitty furniture into another rental house, then you see similar furniture on the front yards of the houses they got evicted from.A circle of garbage in--and garbage out, the pace and amount of them coming in escalating every month and year.So these small victories are to be noted but unless a widespread gentification plan is initiated, then it really means very little to the big picture.