Sunday, September 06, 2015

CNN is Re-Running The Seventies; Tonight, “Crimes and Cults,” but Guess What It Omits?

By David in TN

CNN this month is rerunning their "The Seventies" series. On Sunday night, September 6 at 11 pm ET, they repeat "Crimes and Cults," supposedly about the major crimes of the decade. I saw it several days ago.

The hour-long program starts with eight minutes on Charles Manson and two minutes for the Hillside Stranglers. The Zodiac killer, John Wayne Gacy, and Gary Gilmore appear, along with Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Then there's crime in New York City, several minutes on “Son of Sam.” Jim Jones gets seven minutes. The show winds up with seven minutes on Ted Bundy, called an "icon of the 70s."

Street crime spiked in the decade. No mention of how, why, and who brought this about.

Finally, NO mention of the Zebra murders. Funny thing, the producer of this series is Tom Hanks, who is from Oakland and during 1973-74 was going to Hayward College in the Bay Area. Did Hanks "forget" the Zebra murders? Or, per Steve Sailer, "not notice?"

No non-white "crime or cults" receive any mention.

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