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Yet Another Hate Crime the MSM are Hushing Up: The Racist, Black-on-White Murder of Nine-Year-Old Connor Verkerke


War crime victim Connor Verkerke

By Nicholas Stix

It’s surprising that neo-con Thomas Lifson would blog on this case, which I recalled, but had thought was a few years old. (When one deals with such cases on a daily basis, one’s sense of time gets warped.) He doesn’t write well on race, though he has in recent years begun carrying some of my “sons” who do write well on the topic. I refer to those men as my “sons” who followed in my footsteps, after I’d been writing on the black-on-white race war for 20 years.

However, most of the blog consists of excerpts from a news story, which he does not properly distinguish from his observations of about 120 words each at the beginning and end. (And the news story was clearly written to elicit sympathy for the racist monster Lawhorn.)

Lifson writes, towards the end,
But the question remains: why did Lawhorn choose the victim he selected? Was he influenced by the racial rhetoric that was pervasively present on August 15, 2014, the day of the murder? That was only five days after the shooting in Ferguson, MO that sparked national outrage and violence on the false premise of a young black man gunned down while his hands were up.

The racial rhetoric of which Lifson speaks had been “pervasively present” for over 50 years in this country, before Jamarion Lawhorn premeditatedly slaughtered Connor Verkerke.

When I say, “premeditatedly” I don’t necessarily mean that Lawhorn had hidden that kitchen knife in the sand to murder little Connor, but rather that he intended to murder some white child. Any “white devil” would do.

Similarly, on February 29, 2000, when black six-year-old Dedrick Owens brought a gun to Theo J. Buell Elementary School, in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, and shot his six-year-old white classmate, Kayla Rolland to death, Owens probably hadn’t planned on murdering Kayla, but he surely had a notion to murder a white.


War crime victim Kayla Rolland

I reported on Owens’ murder in The State of White America-2007:
Mount Morris Township, MI. The most notorious racial attack against a white child was undoubtedly the February 29, 2000 murder of white six-year-old Kayla Rolland, by her black six-year-old classmate, Dedrick Owens, in their first-grade classroom at Theo J. Buell Elementary School. Dedrick, a sociopath who already had a history of beating children and stabbing them with pencils, took out a gun he had brought, loaded the weapon's clip, [xix] aimed the gun at Kayla, with whom he had scuffled the day before, and said, "I don't like you." The plucky little girl responded, "So what?" Dedrick shot her in the neck or the chest, depending on the news account, killing her.

The young murderer even knew to run to the bathroom, and hide the murder weapon.

The media initially refused to so much as report on the respective races of the killer and his victim, and refused ever to consider the racial aspect of the murder.
In 2013, white 11-year-old Bailey O’Neill was beaten to death at school in Upper Darby, PA, by a couple of racist black kids. The media suppressed the racial character of that murder, as well.

In any event, Lifson’s claim doesn’t even make sense on its own terms, because “the day of the murder” was not August 15, 2014, but August 4. Thus, “the shooting in Ferguson, MO that sparked national outrage and violence” lay five days in the future.

Maybe Thomas Lifson should leave writing on race to the pros.

Full disclosure: Lifson permablocked me from commenting at his blog years ago.


War crime victim Bailey O'Neill

13-year-old black boy found guilty of first-degree murder of 9-year-old white boy
By Thomas Lifson
September 5, 2015
The American Thinker

In a case that has received remarkably little national attention, 13-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn has been found guilty of first degree murder (by stabbing, on a playground) of 9 year old Connor Verkerke in a Kent County (Grand Rapids) Michigan trial. The relative inattention to the case may have something to do with the respective races of the perpetrator (black) and victim (white). Imagine if a white boy had stabbed to death a younger black boy. Do you think for a moment that there would not be an outcry about the pervasive racism that induced a youngster to brutally, and with forethought, murder a younger child?

The account of the trial and verdict in the Detroit Free Press leaves motivations obscure.

Jurors have found Jamarion Lawhorn, 13, guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of a younger boy at a Kentwood playground last August.

The verdict was delivered Friday afternoon in Kent County Circuit Court.
Lawhorn was charged as an adult. He's been held at Kent County's juvenile detention facility since his arrest last August.

A Kent County judge this summer ruled that Lawhorn was competent to assist in his own defense for the slaying of Connor Verkerke at the Pinewood Village mobile home park.

In fact, a Google search reveals only 4 news stories on the shocking verdict, all of them local Michigan media, and none of them touching upon the racial contrast between perp and victim.

An earlier account of the trial by Channel 13 in Grand Rapids makes clear the brutality of the murder:

Lawhorn is on trial for felony murder in the Aug. 4, 2014 stabbing death of nine-year-old Connor Verkerke at a Kentwood playground. The boy was stabbed five times in the back and once in the arm with a kitchen knife hidden in the playground sandbox, according to testimony. (snip)

Forensic pathologist Dr. David Start said Connor Verkerke was stabbed six times; two of the wounds would have been fatal by themselves.

Each penetrated three inches into his upper right back and into the right lung, causing fatal bleeding. "Either of those wounds would have been fatal and associated with significant bleeding,'' he testified.

Now, it may well be that Lawhorn was simply mentally disturbed and angry, for he was reportedly severely abused by his mother and stepfather:

Squalid living conditions, healed-over wounds and a preoccupation with self-harm – including placing his head in a toilet, are among myriad red flags indicating the troubled childhood of Jamarion Lawhorn. (snip)

Police searching Lawhorn's home encountered conditions described as deplorable, Kentwood Police Detective Amol Huprikar said.

Cans and bottles were strewn about, attracting flies. Mice droppings were prevalent, he testified. Drywall was falling in a bathroom and wall sockets were in disrepair, Huprikar testified. (snip)

Lawhorn's stepfather "treated me like a slave,'' he told Dr. N. Debra Simms, who works for the Center for Child Protection at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

"He would get hit if he didn't clean-up, do the dishes of fill the ice tray,'' Sims testified, recalling a September, 2014 interview with Lawhorn. "He spent a lot of time being afraid.''

Marks on his legs were caused by beatings with an extension cord by his stepfather, his mother whipped him with a belt and his grandmother hit him with a sandal, the boy disclosed to Sims, she testified.

"His mother stated that Jamarion had scars on the back of his legs from a 'whuppin' and stated this wuppin' was a mistake and repeated concerns about Jamarion being bullied at school,'' Sims told the court.

Marks on his legs and back are consistent with repetitive beating, while permanent scars indicate "repetitive pattern injuries,'' consistent with being struck with an extension cord, she testified.

But the question remains: why did Lawhorn choose the victim he selected? Was he influenced by the racial rhetoric that was pervasively present on August 15, 2014, the day of the murder? That was only five days after the shooting in Ferguson, MO that sparked national outrage and violence on the false premise of a young black man gunned down while his hands were up.

It is only speculation, but I believe that were the races reversed, and a white 13 year old convicted of brutally murdering a black 9 year old, we would be seeing a massive amount of attention to the case, and the familiar accusations of racism as the root of the crime.

Hat tip: David Paulin


War criminal Jamarion Lawhorn


Anonymous said...

This will get him some kind of detention until 18, then his record will be expunged and he will be unleashed back into the world. What kind of damage will he be capable of doing then? We haven't heard the last of this POS (those of us that pay attention that is). Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

They start them early here in Grand Rapids.Just more evidence of the downward spiral of this town as it gets flushed into the Grand River.The new mayor thinks improving neighborhoods means "painting murals on buildings and planting trees".Black gangs love that stuff...I m sure that will work.She s a pretty face with no clue...our Rosalynn Bliss.