Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twitter: Are Twits Who Use “Egg” in Insults (“I don’t talk to eggs,” “egg logic,” etc.) Speaking in Racist Code?

By Nicholas Stix

That was a rhetorical question.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Probably because eggs are white, they do the same with other words: Milkshake is one, as in "vanilla" milkshake. Another is "salty" or "saltine", when a white stands up to a racist black he/she is being a "saltine" or "salty". It's calling a white "cracker", without saying the word cracker. I had a racist black call me a "saltine" once because I wouldn't let him push me around, I had another racist black tell me it wasn't racist because it's just a word for anyone who gets excited. It was a lie, but blacks lie all the time to protect other racist blacks. You see words like "salty" and "milkshake" in internet comments by racist blacks. It's a way of using a racial slur and then pretending it's not one if they get caught. Every black and plenty of liberal whites will defend the racist black who makes the slur by saying it's not really a racial slur, after all they didn't say "cracker" or "redneck" or "whitey" or "honky". Blacks are the only ones in America today who are creating a whole new set of racial slurs but white society pretends not to notice.