Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black Supremacists: We Don’t Need Any Media Covering Our Mizzou Protests, in Order to be Successful!

By Nicholas Stix

These black supremacists aren’t as stupid as they sound, they’re just utterly dishonest.

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Anonymous said...

Tonights antiwhite broadcast of NBCs (Negro Broadcast Company) Negro Nightly News or is it Newz? The first story kicked off with Lester Holt talking about the white guy saying he was going to start killing blacks and that the University of Missouri was basically empty because of the threats.Interviews with blacks said "I guess this is a backlash".Also a story of blacks in Ithica NY trying to get THEIR school president to resign.After a some filler about the debate, back to a video of white cops tasering a black prisoner--high on cocaine-who kicks out the patrol car windows and runs toward the hospital that police were initially taking him to.He is put back in the patrol car where he becomes unresponsive.Cause of death:Cocaine overdose.Tom Costello shows the relative who is suing for $25million and another expert white guy who says "police used excessive force".Back to Lesters obvious disdain at the story.The new NBC...where the peacock is black.