Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Obama: ‘Laws? I Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Laws!’ Dictator is Ignoring Federal Court Injunction, and Unconstitutionally Amnestying as Many as 50 Million Criminal Invaders


"President Obama is apparently going to tell the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and by extension the rule of law, to take a hike."

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Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this article.

Forget the references to “12 million illegals.” That’s a fantasy. Ten years ago, we had at least 20 million illegals on our shores.

More recently, I estimated that the current number is more like 50 million. The Census Bureau has been low-balling the numbers for as long as I can remember.

Keep in mind that, according to the rule of four in immigration, whatever the real number of illegals living here is, we would gain through a mass amnesty would be four times that, due to chain migration, as invaders sponsored real and fake relatives to follow them form the mother country. Thus, if I’m wrong and the Census Bureau is right, it means 48 million new, third world citizens. But if I’m right, it means 200 million more.

In case you suspect me of high-balling the numbers, there’s no danger in that being the case. The worst thing that would happen, if I’m wrong, is that greater demand for labor would force employers to give workers a raise. But if I’m right, and there’s another mass amnesty of 50 million invaders, plus their 150 million relatives, America is finished.

Obama to defy court, forge ahead on amnesty

Leaked DHS memo shows 'tactical offensives' for 12 million illegals
Published: 13 hours ago
By Douglas Ernst

A leaked internal DHS memorandum shows the Obama administration intends to ignore a federal court injunction requiring the suspension of a portion of last November’s amnesty measures, the Hill reported Monday.

The document was produced for a “Regulations Retreat” agency conclave.

Obama has been criticized for acting in violation of Texas Judge Andrew Hanen’s freeze on certain aspects of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, or DAPA, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiatives, or DACA.

The administration has handed out hundreds of thousands of Employment Authorization Documents, or work permits, despite Hansen’s Nov. 26 ruling that doing so is unconstitutional. The leaked document came just days before the court was supposed to decide within whether or not to reverse its injunction, the website reported.

Demonstrators rally in front of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, calling for immigration reform

“We live in a nation governed by a system of checks and balances, and the president’s attempt to bypass the will of the American people was successfully checked again today,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott May 26 after the Fifth Circuit sided with a lower court on the injunction, the Washington Times reported.

The internal memo viewed by The Hill includes four options considered by the Obama administration regarding EADs for illegal immigrants. Option one would provide work permits to, “all individuals living in the United States,” (including illegal aliens, visa-overstayers, and H-1B guest-workers), while option 4 would provide permits to, “those on certain unexpired non-immigrant visas.”

Giving EADs to any of the covered individuals is in direct violation of Congress’ Immigration & Nationality Act, the website reported.

If Obama were to successfully circumvent the Fifth Circuit’s ruling, 4.3 million illegal immigrants affected since the injunction would benefit.

“Bottom line: The memo foreshadows more tactical offensives in a giant administrative amnesty for all 12 million illegal aliens who’ve broken our immigration laws (and many other laws) that will emerge before the next inaugural in January 2016 ,” the Hill reported.


Anonymous said...

Obama in violation of established law then becomes a criminal, he already is, and any order, directive, command, etc made by him is illegal and must not be accepted at any level starting at the ordinary citizen level. Obama as a criminal is to be clapped in irons and hauled away to prison to await his trial and judgement.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party has been completely bought off by the Sheldon Adelsons of America. This is why absolutely ZERO is ever done to oppose Obama.

IMPEACHMENT is the solution. No matter what, such a political act will cause the Volk of America to notice that the Nation has reached crisis levels of Mexicans, and that as Trump said: "THEY HAVE TO GO."

Failing that, it's Trump being elected or we fall off a cliff.