Tuesday, November 03, 2015

CNN Keeps Hoaxes Alive! Presents Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as “Victims of Gun Violence”; Can Its Victims Sue Cable “News” Giant?


Murder victim Tyshawn Lee

By Nicholas Stix

During a story on the murder of nine-year-old Chicago boy Tyshawn during Brooke Baldwin’s show, about an hour ago, pictures of “victims of gun violence” were flashed on the screen, including pictures of failed, would-be murderer Trayvon Martin, and failed, would-be cop-killer Mike Brown, thus insinuating not only that the two dead felons’ victims, George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson, respectively were murderers, but that there must be gun control for policemen (or would that only be white policemen?).

By my reckoning, the cable “news” network defamed Zimmerman and Wilson, and incited violence against them, which is actionable in civil and criminal court.

I realize that nothing is going to happen in criminal court, but it seems to me that CNN’s victims have grounds for suing the propaganda channel for millions.

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