Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Season of the Witch, by Salon-Founder David Talbot, Holds a Secret


Season of the Witch
By David in TN

As I told you before, I've been searching for everything I could find on the Zebra Murders on the internet and decided to get the Earl Sanders book, The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness and Civil Rights, and Season of the Witch, by David Talbot.

Talbot is the son of actor Lyle Talbot and is a big lefty who founded Salon. He's also written a book on JFK and RFK, calling them great liberal heroes cut down by those evil right-wingers who try to halt progress.

Season of the Witch is about San Francisco's emergence as a liberal paradise of Tolerance and Diversity. Talbot does tell the truth about Jim Jones being embraced by the city's liberals. Talbot believes Jones stuffed the ballot box for George Moscone.

Talbot has a 20-page chapter on the Zebra Murders. Not too remarkable, doesn't excuse it, but follows the party line, such as it is. But there is a surprise in his Sources for Chapter 20.

Talbot admits, "There was a lurking suspicion in law enforcement circles that not all the Zebra conspirators had been rounded up." He repeats Mayor Alioto's statement that "the total Zebra victim count might exceed eighty, not the twenty-three officially listed in San Francisco, and suggested that the mysterious disappearance of numerous hitchhikers on California roads might be tied to the group that he identified as 'the Death Angels.'"

Talbot wrote that the Zebra killings stopped after the arrests, and agrees with Sanders that [sole witness Anthony Cornelius Harris] "Harris exaggerated the dimensions of the Zebra plot and even its official connection to the Black Muslims [Nation of Islam]."

But Talbot admits in the next paragraph that the Nation of Islam paid for the defense of all the Zebra suspects, except Cooks. Why did they pay for the defense, if there was no connection? Talbot doesn't answer.

Now for the surprise among David Talbot's sources for his chapter on the Zebra Murders. For "Documents," he has:

So David Talbot, founder of Salon, has been to this site and listed it as a source. Maybe some of his readers have come here.

N.S.: Another thing some readers may find ironic, or simply hypocritical: Earlier this year, the thread Nazis at Salon permablocked me from commenting there.


Anonymous said...

Jim Jones of Guyana cult of the damned was the go to man for politicians in San Fran Freako. Within two hours he could bring to the site of any protest a contingent of two hundred persons with signs and a-singing and a-chanting for whatever cause was the cause of the moment.

David In TN said...

The late Vincent Bugliosi, in his book "Helter Skelter," wrote: "Occasionally writers refer to a 'motiveless crime.' I've never encountered such an animal and I'm convinced none such exists."

The "co-authors" of the 2006 book, "The Zebra Murders," Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen apparently disagree. They use the word "motiveless" throughout the book. Cohen, a sometime Hollywood screenwriter, wrote the text with Sanders giving a lot of commentary.

When I wrote a review in 2014 of William Cohan's attempt to restart the Duke Rape Hoax, "The Price of Silence," I described it as a magazine article with a lot of padding. This work is another example. Most of the padding is Sanders' life story and railing against "white racism."

In 1973-74 San Francisco, a group of Black Muslims went on a killing spree targeting white people exclusively. The book admits the killings were racial while calling them "motiveless."

Cohen's work is basically a hook for a movie that would have two black detectives solve the case. In real life, two white detectives, Gus Coreris and John Fotinos did the work that cracked the case.

The movie project has apparently fizzled, at least for now.

"The Zebra Murders" has no bibliography, footnotes, or index, just an Acknowledgments page of interviews. There are some photos, a few useful.

The theme is white racism drove the killers and was what Sanders was fighting within the SFPD.

Something Cohen, Sanders, and people like them never get is if "anger" drove the Zebra killers and in some way justified their actions, it means any white man who has a child murdered by blacks would be justified in shooting every black person in sight.

On page 5, Sanders attends a meeting in Oakland on October 16, before the Zebra murders began. Among several investigators from all over California, an officer from Southern California talked about "motiveless killings" throughout the state. All were marked by sheer brutality, people (always white) butchered by machete-like blades and "lack of motive."

Sanders noted the Quita Hague murder fit this pattern but never follows up on it.

Near the end of the book, there is mention of San Francisco Mayor Joseph Aliot's press conference in which he said there more than 80 killings across the state "going back to 1971" and implied all could be linked to the Nation of Islam.

Cohen writes these claims "were highly debated at the time and have been speculated on ever since." Cohen and Sanders basically ignore the issue.

By the way, neither Prentice Sanders nor his partner Rotea Gilford testified at the Zebra killers' trial, which lasted over a year. The prosecution obviously didn't need them.

Nicholas said...

No black policeman made any contribution, whatsoever, to cracking the Zebra case. Rotea Gilford tried to turn it into an affirmative action job mill for black cops. Officer Jesse Byrd, a Nation of Islam infiltrator within the department, conspired to murder Anthony Cornelius Harris (not to mention his girlfriend and their baby), the only witness the SFPD ever had in the case. Left to black cops, the case would never have been solved.

David In TN said...

CNN this month is rerunning their "The Seventies" series. On Sunday night, September 6 at 11 pm ET, they repeat "Crimes and Cults," supposedly about the major crimes of the decade. I saw it several days ago.

The hour-long program starts with eight minutes on Charles Manson and two minutes for the Hillside Stranglers. The Zodiac killer,John Wayne Gacy and Gary Gilmore appear, along with Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Then there's crime in New York City, several minutes on Son of Sam. Jim Jones gets seven minutes. The show winds up with seven minutes on Ted Bundy, called an "icon of the 70's."

Street crime spiked in the decade. No mention of how, why, and who brought this about.

Finally, NO mention of the Zebra murders. Funny thing, the producer of this series is Tom Hanks, who is from Oakland and during 1973-74 was going to Hayward College in the Bay Area. Did Hanks "forget" the Zebra murders? Or, per Steve Sailer, "not notice?"

No nonwhite "crime or cults" receive any mention.