Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Darwin Award Alert: (Lack of) IQ Kills--19-Year-Old Texas Father of Two Shoots Himself to Death While Taking Selfies with a Gun He’d “Just Found”



From a Friend

At the Daily News.


countenance said...

Darwin fail, because he already had two kids.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible! Who will support his family now?!

Anonymous said...

Not so amazing really. If you don't want to accidentally shoot yourself, simply keep the barrel pointed away from your body parts, and keep your finger off the trigger. It's just plain common sense. Secondarily, ensure that the weapon is unloaded and that the safety is on. Of course, there could be mechanical parts that have been altered or worn down or "tolerance stacking," but, that's where keeping the barrel pointed away from yourself comes in.

Even a moron can be safe with a gun, provided they adhere to these basic points.

I guess this guy's safety radar must have been turned off at birth.