Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Colin Flaherty Enjoys the Diversity of a Gunfight in Front of His Delaware Home! (Video)

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Published on Sep 8, 2015 by Colin Flaherty.

Shooting at Colin Flaherty's house. Today.

I was watching a movie and writing an article when i heard a shot. I looked out my window, and some black guy shot six more times.

More details in the video.


Anonymous said...

Little known fact: Colin Flaherty's hands are registered as lethal weapons with the FBI, and he can kill a grown man with either one of them. I don't envy the individual who tries to start static with Colin Flaherty.

Nicholas said...

If true, that's interesting but unhelpful. These guys don't fight with their hands.

Anonymous said...

His hands deflect bullets. He easily swats them away as if they were big, slow-moving butterflies.