Monday, November 07, 2016

What Mark Wahlberg Looks Like Today Will Shock You!


This is the Mark Wahlberg people are used to seeing, but …

This is how he really looks these days. He calls himself “economist Arthur Laffer,” but we at WEJB/NSU know better!


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I've always kind of hated Mark Wahlberg. There's nothing more pathetic in this world than a wigger. Of course he had his racial incidents that he now apologizes for, though the only reason he apologizes is because he's a celeb in the spotlight and became a "rapper" so has to be down with the black man. One incident had him shouting racist expletives at a bus full of grade school black kids, c'mon Marky Mark, have the balls to shout them at full grown black men and not kids. There was also felonious assault and breaking and entering that gives him street "cred".

Like the black rappers he emulates, if he didn't make it in the "biz", then he'd be a career criminal doin' time or stealing stuff when he wasn't. He as much said so in an interview I read once, so basically he's a punk, maybe a rich punk now but still a punk.

Though as a wigger he's not as bad as that actor Micheal Rapaport, he's beyond pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The results are in...Arthur Laffer.99.98% probability--you ARE the father.