Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obama Violates All Tradition and All Decency, by Encouraging People to Protest Against Incoming President (Video)


Anonymous said...

The ramping up of anti-Trump hand wringing is leading up to a climax of some kind in the near future.The momentum is building toward a peak,that could be an attempted or successful violent event.That event will show everyone how extreme this has/will have gotten.
1) Reports of massive paid protests at the inauguration being put in place.2)Last night,the cast of that horribly over-publicized show "Hamilton",went political during a show that Mike Pence attended.3)The constant drumbeat against Trump on MSM,is ratcheting up the rationalization of some individual,to take matters into their own hands.The Attorney General nominee has been declared "racist"by a jury of MSNBC analysts--every time I watch that channel for 2 minutes.
It feels similar to what witch hunting must have felt like.But this is being PUBLICLY pushed by Obama,media and liberal organizations.No secrets here.I applaud the choices President elect Trump has made for cabinet and security positions.Looks like he means business.Unfortunately,so does the other side.
--GR Anonymous

MikeyBikey said...

Drumpf needs to tell BH Mugabe and the Shrill to call in their dogs of war. This is nothing more at this point than a retarded version of a racist Red Guard, an attempted replay of Hitler's Brown Shirts with our SJWS and BlackLiesMatter boys hoping to make the big time as the violent thug enforcers of the Left - who incidentally are not interested in politics, but power.