Saturday, November 19, 2016

Doctor, Doctor

By Nicholas Stix

I got a message from yesterday that a new comment had been posted to a review of a book on education. The comment follows.
Amazon Customer says:

the reason whites don't make it to advanced levels was revealed when Dr. Duke talked about how jews are 2% of the population, but make up 25% of the students at Harvard. I knew a white man with an IQ of 145+ and he was told by the people who ran the college, "The only thing you are good for is mopping floors, cleaning toilets and flipping burgers."

I responded:

“Dr. Duke”? And who might that be? David Duke, the white supremacist, genocidal anti-Semite with a mail-order Ph.D.? Calling him “Dr.” is supposed to make him sound credible, I suppose, when you attribute nonsense to him, the way some people always say, “As Dr. King said”? And why didn’t you write “dr. duke,” the way you wrote “jews”?

You, in your glorious anonymity, knew a nameless white man, who was told by nameless people running a nameless college in a nameless city…


Anonymous said...

David Duke now lives in the Ukraine and got his PhD from an institute of higher learning in that nation? But the Jews refuse to recognize his PhD as valid?

A PhD from an institute of higher learning in the Ukraine is the same as a PhD awarded by an American institute of higher learning?

Anonymous said...

Most persons don't even have a clue as to who David Duke is.